Eating Habits

My children are so different. For instance, one child – Kenley- eats anything within arms reach. Britton, on the other hand, likes nothing. Take spaghetti night for instance.  You will see in the photo that Kenley is chowing down on her noodles AND red (organic) sauce with her GREENWISE beef.
Britton has noodles with butter and salt- no cheese.
Infact, Kenley is sitting at the kitchen counter eating waffles as I type this and just called me in there for more water.  She was still hungry so I slid a bowl of left over pasta (below) to her, and she is rounding off her dinner with cold, left over pasta.
Two kids, same parents, different likes and dislikes.

Britton loves her Presidents placemat.  She is a big Obama fan (which is ironic since Mr. Robinson and I voted Republican) and loves pointing out that he is the 46th (?) President. She is at the local Baptist church GA’s right now, or I could verify that, along with several other US Presidential facts.

Lovely comments

  1. 1' says

    Garrett – I love your sweet blog! Your girls are growing so fast. I am not completely convienced that SBJ didn’t pop out Kenley herself!!! :) MY two are the same kind of eaters, respectively. Don’t even know if Ashton would do plain noodles but Emory has to be cut off when she has eaten enough. love it!