Summer summer summer

Summer is here! Temperatures have risen, the hair won’t straighten, crickets come out at dusk, and slurpees all of a sudden sound really good!


Kenley is in the midst of her swimming lessons. She is not thrilled, to say the least, to be kicking, blowing bubbles, and holding her breath. Upon being prompted by her Mama, she will turn around on her heels, waddle to the pool step and say, “Okkkkkayyy Mama”. That’s my girl. I don’t care if you stick out your bottom lip, so long as you are accommodating.

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Kenley had a half day today- she stayed back with Mary while I took Britton for a mani/pedi. We also made an impromptu shopping stop to buy her faux diamond flowered earrings. She picked them out, and I must say that is enough bling on them for even her mama to appreciate.

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This is one of my facorite photos in quite some time. Britton was at the pool this afternoon asking for a toy, a drink, a towel…. something I am sure. But her face is perfect and I hope she stays young and sweet forever!

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