As if it’s not bad enough that I am awake until 11 pm sewing most nights, I now cannot keep my hands off my camera.  With the world of digital cameras, software edit tools, and the cutest subjects ever… what’s not to love!
For years, since I was a kid with my Le Clic camera I have loved photographs, photo frames, camerms,  film, photo books… all the above.

So I am determined to learn what aperature, MM, TV, RAW (and all the other lingo) mean.

I messed around with several photos tonight.

Poor Mr. Robinson, just cooked us dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and has a movie on TV Deep End of the Ocean in attempts to lure my attention his way. But alas, photos are waiting to be edited.

SouthCarolinaResort 080

may23 2010 039

SouthCarolinaResort 142

may23 2010 046

may23 2010 021
May2010 006

may23 2010 037

may23 2010 005
SouthCarolinaResort 044

May2010 019