Island Fun

We had a fun time, despite sun burnt skin, at the island last weekend.
Sand castles, Noodles, sandy sandwiches, beers, oatmeal pies, Salt and Vinegar potatoe chips and lots of sunblock!


Manic Monday

I had it all planned out. My whole week. I hired a “junior babysitter” for today, have my Nanny coming twice this week, library visits, reading time, crafts, work appointments. This week was going to smooth and cool, thank you very much.

The most well intended plans fall short.

My Junior sitter arrives so I am enthralled into a 10:00 am conference call until I notice an email from britton’s camp- confirming her attendance at American Girl Doll Camp this week beginning at 9:30 am.
The same camp I intentionally chose to fall prior to our birthday trip to Atlanta’s American Girl Doll Store for B’s 7th Birthday next Friday.  

Quickly, I tell the sitter I will be right back, throw the girls in the car and run Britton up to her camp only to find the camp has moved.  I called my husband to tell him I am looking for the requested title to something, only to find out I have inadvertently dialed a coworker with the same first name and spilled my morning drama on him.

Finally, I find the camp and park my car- only I forget to put the gear into PARK.

And guess what, it was only 10:30.
It’s going to be a great week!

Here a couple of photos of what started as a peaceful, organzied morning with “Reading Time” and early birthday Thank You’s.

A Birth Story

I came home yesterday to find Britton sitting wide-eyed on the yellow couch watching TLC’s A Baby Story.

Yes, that’s right.  A Baby Story.

Coincidentally, included in my arm full of plastic shopping bags was a DVD version of their births (burned the tapes onto CD’s), that I had just picked up.

So with their Mama watching beside them, and skipping over the hospital scenes, we sat together and watched for the first time, they first time my babies came into the world.

Britton, being the emotional child that she is, cried big tears the entire hour.
What’s even sweeter is that as she wiped the tears off her face with her big blanket she said, “Aww, I was such a cute baby it just makes me cry.”

Don’t you love a humble child?

Tired Kenley, on the other hand, insisted that she wanted to be in my tummy first and it “wasn’t  fair” that B got to be there first.

Well, not much I can do about that kid.

After we wiped away B’s tears and watched both videos, we got ready to meet their friend Beau at the movies.

I walked into Kenley’s room to find her in a new dress and hair do. She looked up at me and asked, “Which shoes should I wear for date night?”

Laughing out loud, I couldn’t help but think that she knew Mr. Robinson and I had date night on Monday.

Oh Kens.

Here are some “date night” photos.

She is all about the pose

Happy Father’s Day

This posting has been giving me technical difficulties tonight. I am hoping after trying to post for the 6th time, it will work.

We had a fantastic weekend of sunscreen, french fries, highway miles and bathing suits. After completing our week at Vacation Bible School we headed down to the coast where Mr. Robinson was fishing in a tournament.
Okay, so it wasn’t exactly that easy.

It involved dismissing 38 preschoolers from VBS, trying quickly find a fast food drive through to feed my “starving” whining kids at 12:45, rushing home to pack for the kids, load the car, then rushing to Britton’s 2:00 play of “Mary Poppins” on Friday, coordinating what to do with Poochie (to save a trip back to our house after the show).

Once we went back to Meme’s house to get Poochie, we headed towards the coast only to get stuck in a thundershower. Immediately after I turned the windshield wipers on high, both girls had to go to the bathroom (the beating rain didn’t help perhaps).

So we pull into the small town Wal-mart, crack the windows for the Poochie to make a quick mad dash to the ladies room and grab a frozen pizza for dinner (sorry Mom). As we were “quickly, girls hurry”-ing unloading, my wallet fell out of my purse and landed in a nasty mudpuddle in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Are you kidding me?

We eventually made our way to the coast and all the little mishaps were long forgotten.

With the absence of television and the Wii at the coast, the girls pulled out an old box of Lincoln Logs (in the original 1977 box I might add). Not once did I hear an “I’m bored” or “Wish we had TV”.

There was a chess set- and No, they did not learn to play since neither of their parents know how. Too busy cheer leading in high school….

Kenley asked me if she could put on some “chew-ree” this afternoon- and soon spotted my old glasses. I knew I had a small face and the fact that my frames fit my 4 year old great proves this.

And if that wasn’t enough spunk for ya- here’s a little more umphh.

On Saturday- K learned to swim!! A big pool all to ourselves, and hugh steps to practice on made all the diference. That girl has a set of lungs- its scary how long she can hold her breath. It helped to have big sister help coaching.

She continued her underwater adventures in our bathtub.
Can you guess who else has a sweet tooth in our family? Note the marshmellows and hot fudge someone added…


I would be amiss not to mention, on this Father’s Day, what a wonderful Dad my children have. He loves them, loves on them, works hard to support them, and most importantly enjoys spending time with them and appreciates the life we have together made. 
Happy Fathers Day- I love you baby!