A Birth Story

I came home yesterday to find Britton sitting wide-eyed on the yellow couch watching TLC’s A Baby Story.

Yes, that’s right.  A Baby Story.

Coincidentally, included in my arm full of plastic shopping bags was a DVD version of their births (burned the tapes onto CD’s), that I had just picked up.

So with their Mama watching beside them, and skipping over the hospital scenes, we sat together and watched for the first time, they first time my babies came into the world.

Britton, being the emotional child that she is, cried big tears the entire hour.
What’s even sweeter is that as she wiped the tears off her face with her big blanket she said, “Aww, I was such a cute baby it just makes me cry.”

Don’t you love a humble child?

Tired Kenley, on the other hand, insisted that she wanted to be in my tummy first and it “wasn’t  fair” that B got to be there first.

Well, not much I can do about that kid.

After we wiped away B’s tears and watched both videos, we got ready to meet their friend Beau at the movies.

I walked into Kenley’s room to find her in a new dress and hair do. She looked up at me and asked, “Which shoes should I wear for date night?”

Laughing out loud, I couldn’t help but think that she knew Mr. Robinson and I had date night on Monday.

Oh Kens.

Here are some “date night” photos.

She is all about the pose