They say- Enjoy the little things. One day you may look back to find they were the big things.
My how this rings true- even at age 33.

One of the little things I enjoy, although often take for granted, is my little girl “clearing her dinner plate” from the kitchen table.

clearing Plate (1 of 1)

Or… a little thing like watching Britton shoot hoops with her beach ball in her bikini.

DITLO_BasketBall (1 of 1)

Or… getting a chuckle when she lounges on her hot pink pool float and asks, “Can you bring me some lunch now?”

DITLO_Floating (1 of 1)

Or… watching as your two totally different children dig through the freezer for the perfect totally different dessert

DITLO_freezer (1 of 1)

And then find it and ENJOY every minute of it!

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Sometimes the ‘little things’ are as small and momentary as apprecating that your man cooks AND cleans dinner….

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Or… watching something something other than a purple juicebox fill up your baby’s thirsty tummy

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Or.. a small accomplishment like choosing not to focus on how bloated you are today, but rather how much you are digging your new camera lens

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Or… getting teary eyed when your 42 pound baby moves into a big girl booster seat

DITLO_New Carseat (1 of 1)

Or… knowing that my sweet husband and I made two little awesome people who make our world even better than we could have dreamed

DITLO_stry time (1 of 1)

And sometimes it’s as something as simple as a new houseplant arrangement for the kitchen table. Yes, that brings me joy every time.

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Or.. a small think like looking up from my desk to find a loyal little Havanese who loves me unconditionally. Even I haven’t fed her dinner and it’s 9:32 pm.

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And sometimes… you know it’s a BIG thing.

Like being there when you best friend brings her first baby boy into this world.

BFF (1 of 1)

William Downing Jordan
7 lbs 2 oz
June 2, 2010

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