Fun Farm Day

Today we had some fun coupled with a lot of work at “da fawm” in Georgia.

Finally… I got to do a little sewing last night- finished Kenley’s new ‘love bird’ top (she picked out the fabric), started Maysie’s dress, and also started Kenley’s heirloom quilt.

FarmKenley (1 of 1)

Got some boiled peanuts that were being sold on the side of the road, and even my picky eater enjoyed them!  And if that wasn’t enough, we opted for Subway over McDonalds in Cario and Britton ate her first Subway turkey.  Mind you, I have taken her there countless time but as I have mentioned before.. PICKY.

FarmBPeanut (1 of 1)

Between mowing and painting kitchen walls at the farm, Mr. Robinson took the girls on a quick ride on his now pimped-out 4 wheeler.  As you can see, fearless K thoroughly enjoyed the adventure.

Farm4wheel (1 of 1)