A Little Bit of This-N-That

We made a quick trip to Orlando, Florida to visit Mike’s grandfather who has been ill with cancer. The girls love visiting their great grandparents.
Note the moarse code radio in the background. Not many 84 year olds still sending moarse code these days.
Mike also was able to spend time with 4 generations of Shumans (his Dad’s side). He met his Dad’s half brother for the first time.
We also spent some time swimming at Bo-Bo’s house (Kenley made up his affectionate nick name). I don’t know who had more fun, Britton or Kenley!
It’s fun having cute girls in the swimming pool!
And today was another one of those days when you think…. ‘You know your child is getting old when ___________’
They make their own lunch!
Note to self: make more twirl skirts no matter if I think they are too complicated or not- they are cute on this almost-7-year-old girl!

Kenley attended a different VBS last week- she even had SWIM day!

And someone looks good with french braids!