Manic Monday

I had it all planned out. My whole week. I hired a “junior babysitter” for today, have my Nanny coming twice this week, library visits, reading time, crafts, work appointments. This week was going to smooth and cool, thank you very much.

The most well intended plans fall short.

My Junior sitter arrives so I am enthralled into a 10:00 am conference call until I notice an email from britton’s camp- confirming her attendance at American Girl Doll Camp this week beginning at 9:30 am.
The same camp I intentionally chose to fall prior to our birthday trip to Atlanta’s American Girl Doll Store for B’s 7th Birthday next Friday.  

Quickly, I tell the sitter I will be right back, throw the girls in the car and run Britton up to her camp only to find the camp has moved.  I called my husband to tell him I am looking for the requested title to something, only to find out I have inadvertently dialed a coworker with the same first name and spilled my morning drama on him.

Finally, I find the camp and park my car- only I forget to put the gear into PARK.

And guess what, it was only 10:30.
It’s going to be a great week!

Here a couple of photos of what started as a peaceful, organzied morning with “Reading Time” and early birthday Thank You’s.