Memorial Day Weekend 2010

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We had a fabulous Memorial Weekend this year. We did some fishing, swimming, boating, and beaching. Another family came with us, with their three children. I am unpacked, the boat is clean, the dog is bathed, and kids are fast asleep. We are ready to do it all over again!

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Kenley loves her little Poochie Mama Puppy!  Our sweet dog had to  learn very quickly to be the best laid back dog she could be.

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Hermit crabs were a big hit with the 5 kids at the beach this weekend. Timid Kens even got her nerve up to pick up Hermie the crab to show her friends. Don’t you just love her nightgown- the tired 4 year old was ready for bed but not about to turn in before the big kids. 

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Sunday night we took our Grouper, Snapper and Amberjack to the coastal resturant where they cooked it for us. Let me repeat it- they cooked it for us. This means no cooking or cleaning for 9 folks Sunday night. Woo hoo.  Afterwards we tried to take a quick walk down the dock but the bugs started attacking our calves. Poor B has been eaten alive on her legs.