I woke up early this morning and had a good run before the super high humidity that makes it impossible to breathe. We then went to the contemporary church service- which was a nice change from our typical 11 am traditional worship service.  Followed by an afternoon of loving on our new baby boy.
I managed to eat low calorie, high protein, all day in attempts to loose some bumps and thumps from my thighs and hips.. but boy of boy did my body retaliate tonight. Guess I should be a better with my choices tomorrow.. maybe go a little crazy and eat a tomato or cheese.
Tomorrow both girls will be in summer camp for part of the day- which will be a good thing for Miss Britton. She has exerted her strong spirit fully this week. She has tested my patience, choice of words, and brain all weekend week long.  It will do her good to be around other children her age that can partake in her world with her rules or just a little while.
Tonight, after yet another fight strong exchange of differing opinions, she ended up in a sleeping bag on our bedroom floor. Kenley feel out of her bed and bumped her head on her night stand, so she was in bed with her Daddy.  Laying in the bed with a cramped stomach, I was beside Kenley.
Britton spoke up, “I am sowwy for my at-a-tude today Mawmmy”
Me- “Thank you Britton. I love you.”
Britton- “Aren’t you gonna say you are sorry too?”
Me- “I am sorry for losing my patience and yelling at you too.”
And all is well in our house tonight.