Unanswered Prayers

Between driving to and from our downtown church, to and from Britton’s afternoon camp, to and from our house… we have spent much time in the car this week. Add in a 103 degree temperature and you get some sweet, a DVD that gets rewound often in the car, and water bottles and juice boxes in ample supply in the cup holders.

Between one of our many trips into town today, Kenley asked me “How come none of my wishes are coming twue”?

I answered, “I don’t know Kenley. What are you wishing for any way?”

She told me, “I keep wishing for wings, but haven’t gotten any”.

Uh oh- she may be wishing for those fairy wings for a while.


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    Christian asks me the same things, he tells me he talks to God but he never talks back! And he asks about each day where God/Jesus are and how they get here do they have a car?