Knitting with Love

Today’s steamy high is 101 degrees! I imagine that when you throw the heat index in there we’re talking close to 105 degrees. We pushed our way through the humidity this morning, down to the pool. We charred out stomachs, floated on our backs, and put some chicken fingers in our tummies (well, salad for mommy, before heading back home for “rest time”.

We later enjoyed some coloring- while wearing her Crayola skirt that Aunt Shea gave her eons ago. That’s the fun thing about finding old toys– they are new again!


Aunt DeeDee bought Britton a knitting machine from JoAnne’s Fabric Store yesterday.  B, liker her Mama, enjoys the sewing projects and knitted Poochie a purple sweater. Lucky Poochie.

Yesterday, she knitted my sister a pink sweater for her baby. When we drove the ultraound appointment to find out the sex of Britton’s future cousin, Britton was right- they are having a girl! Everyone thought for sure a boy, but B knew.


I also finished B’s coordinating Love Birds dress top.


Hello weekend!

Skipping Stones

My girls served as my “models” at sunset, choosing their outfit and props for the “photo shoot”.

Darn that shutter speed. This photography stuff is way hard, which is why I will also have to hire a professional for real pictures.

How handsome is he?!

We took a golf cart ride down to the boat landing for some sunset stone skipping fun.

It was a rare day, without Kenley’s usual accessories. No bracelet. No necklace. Not even a pearl to be found. And ofcourse, another applique.
Always the good ‘pretend model’ for her mama.
Checking today’s delivery of NetFlix… children’s movies, ofcourse.
My soon to be second grader is ready for another school year with friends, activities, homework, playground, new friends and the lunchroom. Mom is too!
Say it isn’t so!
I often times cannot remember life without the Poochie Mama.
Ahh, so this is the backlight I keep hearing about.

While she may now have on jewerly, you can bank on some ‘Bubblicious Pink’ fingernail polish.
Kenley and her ‘prop’- one of the many stuffed animals that live in her closet.

Girls Weekend 2010

We had a great Girls Weekend 2010 this weekend in our fabulous little town.

Friday night we had what turned out to be a private party in a restaurant downtown. Good thing- because talk can change from breastfeeding to good ol’ dirty days real fast!

Friends traveled from 4 differentcities and states to be together- we plan to continue this tradition each summer.
And everything was so darn funny when we’re all together… especially our plastic cups made especially for the big weekend.
Real funny.
The night is young… and we feel young tonight.
Some of our precious babies…
Downing and Maysie- together at last.

Britton and her Godbrother, Downing.
Baby Maysie (Sara Mays)
I even painted my baby’s toenails PINK
My other Godchild, Railey. Check out that cute fanny.
We sat around for hours on Saturday reliving Friday night, holding each other’s babies and sipping Coca Cola.

.. Until Next Year!

Beach Day Take 2

We are missing Daddy and wishing you were here…..

Because you would have seen your daughter thoroughly enjoy her cold creamy Rocky Road ice cream cone sold at the Fountain Store in this sleepy fishing town.

Apa-h-flower (1 of 1)

And enjoyed the best-danged-grilled-grouper for supper, overlooking the Gulf.  The six children at the table next to us, might have been a bit distracting, but added even more ambiance when its all said and done.

Apa-sign (1 of 1)

Ahh… dinner. Stay away oil- stay away.

Apa-shrimp boat (1 of 1)

Britton was making her mental Christmas list in the small little Fountain Shop- sweets then shopping, now that can’t be beat.

Apa-b-shopping (1 of 1)

And your youngest bejeweled daughter sashaying down the hot summer sidewalks.  My guess is that this time next year, this tiny Lilly dress will be retired.

Apa-Kens_Lilly (1 of 1)

Yes, your Mrs. Robinson is missing her Mr. Robinson but having a great time with girlfriends and kids.

Apa-MOMs (1 of 1)

Don’t you miss our weekend trips here?

Apa-shack (1 of 1)

We even had a 6 year old lose a tooth at dinner, how is that for excitement for ya? Kenley sure thought it was exciting.

Apa-k-headband (1 of 1)

Some sunbathed, sweaty yet cute 4,6,7 and 10 year olds.

Apa-KIDS (1 of 1)

And make a wish that we can do it all over again next summer…..

Apab- wish (1 of 1)

Island Time

We are enjoying our little island in Florida.

kenley=sgi (1 of 1)

Some sunset hide and go seek:

KGR_SGI (1 of 1)

SGI_B (1 of 1)

K with her best bud Molly

KenleY_Molly (1 of 1)

SGI_GIRLS (1 of 1)