Beach Day Take 2

We are missing Daddy and wishing you were here…..

Because you would have seen your daughter thoroughly enjoy her cold creamy Rocky Road ice cream cone sold at the Fountain Store in this sleepy fishing town.

Apa-h-flower (1 of 1)

And enjoyed the best-danged-grilled-grouper for supper, overlooking the Gulf.  The six children at the table next to us, might have been a bit distracting, but added even more ambiance when its all said and done.

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Ahh… dinner. Stay away oil- stay away.

Apa-shrimp boat (1 of 1)

Britton was making her mental Christmas list in the small little Fountain Shop- sweets then shopping, now that can’t be beat.

Apa-b-shopping (1 of 1)

And your youngest bejeweled daughter sashaying down the hot summer sidewalks.  My guess is that this time next year, this tiny Lilly dress will be retired.

Apa-Kens_Lilly (1 of 1)

Yes, your Mrs. Robinson is missing her Mr. Robinson but having a great time with girlfriends and kids.

Apa-MOMs (1 of 1)

Don’t you miss our weekend trips here?

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We even had a 6 year old lose a tooth at dinner, how is that for excitement for ya? Kenley sure thought it was exciting.

Apa-k-headband (1 of 1)

Some sunbathed, sweaty yet cute 4,6,7 and 10 year olds.

Apa-KIDS (1 of 1)

And make a wish that we can do it all over again next summer…..

Apab- wish (1 of 1)