Girls Weekend 2010

We had a great Girls Weekend 2010 this weekend in our fabulous little town.

Friday night we had what turned out to be a private party in a restaurant downtown. Good thing- because talk can change from breastfeeding to good ol’ dirty days real fast!

Friends traveled from 4 differentcities and states to be together- we plan to continue this tradition each summer.
And everything was so darn funny when we’re all together… especially our plastic cups made especially for the big weekend.
Real funny.
The night is young… and we feel young tonight.
Some of our precious babies…
Downing and Maysie- together at last.

Britton and her Godbrother, Downing.
Baby Maysie (Sara Mays)
I even painted my baby’s toenails PINK
My other Godchild, Railey. Check out that cute fanny.
We sat around for hours on Saturday reliving Friday night, holding each other’s babies and sipping Coca Cola.

.. Until Next Year!