Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, 2010!
Mr. Robinson had so much fun lighting “his” fireworks over the lake. Maybe more fun than the girls!
Kenley and her best friend Gracie enjoyed the brightly lit skies together
And at times, the brightly lit sky was just a tad too bit LOUD
B logged some water time at Sassy and Pop’s house
Trying to ween her off of her mask- holding her nose works.
Sweet Mazelle made it over for the long holiday weekend to spend time with her family. This makes’ Meme happy.
Britton and Kenley’s first cousin- George.
Oh I wish I had their fannies.
Pop’s and his oldest best gal.
K gives George some cool tap water too.
The Brittons playing in the side yard with, you guessed it, George.
Independence Day 2010
Practicing her blinker signals and speed bumps, Kenley is a mater behind the wheel.
And what better way to begin the long weekend than a family board game?