Knitting with Love

Today’s steamy high is 101 degrees! I imagine that when you throw the heat index in there we’re talking close to 105 degrees. We pushed our way through the humidity this morning, down to the pool. We charred out stomachs, floated on our backs, and put some chicken fingers in our tummies (well, salad for mommy, before heading back home for “rest time”.

We later enjoyed some coloring- while wearing her Crayola skirt that Aunt Shea gave her eons ago. That’s the fun thing about finding old toys– they are new again!


Aunt DeeDee bought Britton a knitting machine from JoAnne’s Fabric Store yesterday.  B, liker her Mama, enjoys the sewing projects and knitted Poochie a purple sweater. Lucky Poochie.

Yesterday, she knitted my sister a pink sweater for her baby. When we drove the ultraound appointment to find out the sex of Britton’s future cousin, Britton was right- they are having a girl! Everyone thought for sure a boy, but B knew.


I also finished B’s coordinating Love Birds dress top.


Hello weekend!