Let the Celebration Begin!

The birthday celebration has officially begun. We had family and neighborhood children over last night for birthday cake and presents. In keeping with the American Girl theme, I had ordered a delicious home-made chocolate vanilla marble cake with butter creme icing and red Swiss dots. It was to read Happy 7th Birthday Britton in navy blue.


My American Girl wanted a dinosaur cake. The mantra proves true- you can put a bow in her hair, but she is still a tom boy at heart.

So the local Marble Slab creamery put together an Oreo ice cream cake (less the $25 moving dinosaur that she wanted- smart girl knowing how to score an extra gift!).

We pack up tomorrow to head to Atlanta’s American Girl Doll store- Sassy and Kenley are joining us to.

Mr. Robinson commented last night how much he enjoys family birthdays at our house. He reiterated how much it will mean to our girls, looking back, to have celebrated each and every occasion.

Britton went and hugged each guest individually- and thanked them as well. She was so delighted to be the center of attention with just oodles and goodles of gifts!

And we’re just getting started!