Skipping Stones

My girls served as my “models” at sunset, choosing their outfit and props for the “photo shoot”.

Darn that shutter speed. This photography stuff is way hard, which is why I will also have to hire a professional for real pictures.

How handsome is he?!

We took a golf cart ride down to the boat landing for some sunset stone skipping fun.

It was a rare day, without Kenley’s usual accessories. No bracelet. No necklace. Not even a pearl to be found. And ofcourse, another applique.
Always the good ‘pretend model’ for her mama.
Checking today’s delivery of NetFlix… children’s movies, ofcourse.
My soon to be second grader is ready for another school year with friends, activities, homework, playground, new friends and the lunchroom. Mom is too!
Say it isn’t so!
I often times cannot remember life without the Poochie Mama.
Ahh, so this is the backlight I keep hearing about.

While she may now have on jewerly, you can bank on some ‘Bubblicious Pink’ fingernail polish.
Kenley and her ‘prop’- one of the many stuffed animals that live in her closet.