Tuesday not Monday

It’s a strange week.  A Tuesday that feels like a Monday. Night that feels like daytime because of the sunlight.  A day that feels never ending.

But we are making the most of it on this Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday.

Like a dog to a bone, I love my machine. When the motor (I thought) was acting up last week you would have thought I was a drug addict without my drugs!
B taught herself how to create a POCKET and a RUFFLE- amazing. I just learned how to do ruffles recently. It’s not fair that her IQ is likely higher than mine.
And then little bit wanted in on the action.
I tested out the mall today to see how the girls would do in Atlanta. I will definately be bringing an umbrella stroller (sigh) for my 4 year old.  Along the way B spotted makeup in the Forever 21 store for $1.95
So they came up and applied their $1.95 makeup to one another.  B even threw in a free shampoo for her first customer.
Then came into my office to show off their artistic side- pink eyeshadow. Nice.
Wish I could pull off that look. Poochie is such a sport.

After all that primping and work (and bath), it was time for a movie nestled in the playroom with their quilts.

If this photo doesn’t depict the essence of Kenley, then I don’t know what would.
A snack, big bow, Dora, and bright polka dots. That’s the Kenley-poos.

Happy Tuesday- not Monday.