Jewels and Bows

We are gearing up for some body’s SEVENTH birthday next week.

Britton is attending American Girl Doll “camp” this week. Each day the girls bring their dolls, often in matching clothes, and perform make-overs on the dolls, fix their hair, do crafts, buy beaded jewelry.

Today was pajama day so the girls all hopped in this morning with umbrellas (love the summer rain) and sporting their, you guessed it, matching Pajamas.

Next weekend we head up to Atlanta for a girls fun-filled weekend to Atlanta/American Girl Doll Store. Should be fun!

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My box of 26 hand made bows came in yesterday, which is VERY exciting to a mom of two girls. Somehow I was part of a group of moms who put in a bulk order of hand made bows – and whola, they appear. Kenley was quite excited.

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Kenley spent the day dressed in jewels, again.

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Hey, hey, hey…. got a new photo editing tool I am trying out. So far, love it.

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Have been sewing up a storm this week. If we don’t turn our 4th bedroom into a nursery soon it will become my sewing room. I can’t wait. For either.

Our Sew Fun Girls met this week and made the sweetest ‘Sis Boom CATHY’ dress.  I also finally finished Kenley’s Amy Butler heirloom quilt. Will get those photos up tomorrow. Seems I have a 24 hour lag time. Did I mention I ended up flooding my hallway and laundry room on Monday? I knew better than to hit post at 10:30 am.  Back to sewing, I think my ADD is kicking in. Will be finishing up Coco’s applique for Downing this week, decided to make matching travel pillow cases for each girls quilt, and need to make Kenley’s Sis Boom dress. So maybe if we aren’t meant to have three babies, the sewing room won’t be such a runner up prize after all.

Sometimes you got to look for the silver lining. But if you look long enough, you will find it.

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