Yoga and Housework

As our first week of being camp-less winds down, I am waiting on Mr. Robinson to come home and take me on an honest to goodness real life date. He booked the sitter (his Mama, Nana), made dinner reservations HIMSELF and is looking for a new golf shirt to wear as I sit here typing? I wonder who his date is with?

I am proud of myself for thinking of what may have been my best idea ever. Cinderella. We played ‘Cinderella’ yesterday. I was the evil step-mother (fitting, I know) who gave me daughters many chores to do before they could go to the ball. And honey, did they eat it up! Before you knew it, they had on aprons, were wiping my baseboards, getting the dust buster, wiping UNDER my furniture and having the best dang time. Why didn’t I think of this before? In fact, B just came up to me and asked what she could clean. Am I dreaming? This is a type A personalities dream come true. Daddy Boone, I know you are proud.

But even better than that- Sassy and I got a good laugh yesterday. She was trying to convince me to try a new Yoga class at the gym. So she turned on the Comcast On Demand Sports Fitness and we watched a recorded class of Zen in Your Den. Next thing we know, Miss Thang is downward-dogging in my living room.

20 minutes later, yes– 20 minutes, she is a little misty and asking for some water. Kenley loved it. Her preschool has yoga class once a week and apparently she learned quite the moves.

YOGA (1 of 1)

You think I am kidding about the cleaning, check it out. Under floors, I tell you what.

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All this cleaning makes Poochie plain out pooped.  Have a great weekend!

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