Projects Coming Soon…

Hmmmmm… what to sew today?

My new fabrics came in from and once again, I have the “itch”.
With my niece Allie Boone coming in December (technically, still the fall) I have ADD of the cute-girl-clothes.

All of these look so much fun, I just cannot decide.


Bright blue carpeted walls, neon carpets with the images of the solar system, a huge silver disco ball, and loud hip-hop music. Skate World.

Britton had a birthday party this afternoon and begged me to “upgrade” her brown rental skates to the hip roller blades. Apparently, even the ‘kindergardners skate in roller blades when I was in first grade”.

Bless her heart, not having been on the rink but twice in the past 1 year, balance was somewhat difficult for my firstborn.  I held her hand while she wobbled, fell, and flew her arms around like a chicken trying to keep her balance. After several loops around Skate World’s rink, she felt confident enough to walk next to me, without holding my hand.

After several loops, she had worked up an appetite and headed for some birthday pizza and Coke- while listening to the Hokey Pokey music.

Then Ron the DJ (okay so Ron doesn’t still work at Skate World, but in this story his name is Ron) announced Racing for girls ages 10 and under.

I asked Britton, “Are you going to race B” thinking certainly the answer will be no. I mean, let’s face, the sweet girl can hardly get from Point A to Point B on her fancy purple Rollerblades. And let’s not even mention the brakes, which she can’t figure out.

“Yes Mommy, of course”.

She starts to slowly make her ways towards the back of the rink where ‘Girls 10 and Under’ are gathering behind the start line.  I hold my breath hoping that she MAKES IT to the starting point before the pimply faced young boy blows his whistle altering the skaters to take off. Please God, let her at least GET there.
Luckily, the nice young Skate World worker saw Britton trying her best to get to the start line, and held the race until she arrived. Whew.

Whistle blows.

Off she goes.

Well, so the other girls took off. My sweet B and one other girl had a little more trouble getting their groove going.  Her comrade quickly decided this race stuff wasn’t for her and went to the side to find her friends.

B, on the other hand, slowing but surely, one roller blade in front of the other, was making her way around the rink.  She got about a quarter of the way around the rink when the winner was announced. She kept looking up at my to make sure I was watching. I did what any Mom would do and clapped and cheered her on from the sidelines.

Once again, the nice Skate World worker walked up to B and told her good job, that she could skate off the rink now. Unbeknownst to her, the winner was announced as she skated to me with huge blue shining eyes and I said, “Great job Britton. You did AWESOME and didn’t even fall down once!”.

Britton said, “I know! I did great and I was the ONLY one with Rollerblades too!”

Oh to have that confidence, I just love it!

So, I will stop the post here without mentioning our American Girl Doll moment that followed. It’s much prettier that way.

Good night.

First Day of School

Not to sound like a total wienie, or is it wiener?, but I am exhausted tonight. My goal was to get an updated blog entry- not that anyone outside our direct family would notice one way or the other- and I have only made it half way. Photos uploaded. New song selected. Now it’s time for the clever, yet somewhat witty dialogue to mimic the photos. Too tired. Instead, I give you snippets of our lives this past week.

Starting with the first day of school- Monday. Britty rolled her new LL Bean backpack into her second grade classroom. Kenley, with blonde hair tied into a navy blue & white polka dot bow, waddled into her PreK4 classroom and never looked back. All us girls are happy to be back on a schedule and anxiously await the fall weather which will surely bring pumpkins, cute corduroy jackets, hay piles, scare crows, fallen leaves, Hopkins soup and football games.

All confidence.
My children are such good sports when it comes to Modeling for their mama….
We love having neighbors to come and visit us. The green playdough, yes it is still alive and well, made star shaped cookies delightful. Then it was on to hide and go sneak- which included the 4 year old.
12 year olds are really cool to 4 year olds.
At least once I day I hear Britton ask, “I can’t imagine what our life would be like without Poochie!”
Neither can I pumpkin.
Don’t mind me– just checking out the neighbors.
Perfecting her green thumb on the back patio.
I love that my girls have my childhood dollhouse. Same pink (well  now yellow-tinted) wallpaper in the kitchen, minature brass table lamps, and tiny white rod iron bed.
Although the sun is still in the summer sky, it’s Good Night time in our household.

And that goes for me too! Goodnight.

Golf Carts and Play Dough

Oh… where to start.

There was so many one-liners that my girls spit out today, that I want to get them all down before I forget forever.

What better way for a Type A personality to remember, than a bullet list.

  • Us girls wanted to convince Daddy to take us on the golf cart. We begin plotting how to get him from sofa to caddy, when next thing I hear is click-clack, click-clack. In walks Britton in with her sequined cocktail dress and cowboys boots. She puts her hand on her hip, cocks her head to one side and matter-of-factly says to me, “Who can so no to THIS outfit?”



  • While bouncing around on the back of the golf cart tonight, Kenley looks up at me and says, “My ties (thighs) are getting bigger.”



  • When Mr. Robinson tells us to hang on, bumps ahead, Kenley looks over to me and directs me to, “Hold onto your boobs Mommy.”


  • During Kenley’s preschool orientation today, her best bud Gracie walked up to her. Kenley looked over at her with a straight face and said, “You popped out of nowhere.” God, I love four.
  • “I have Nene’s (starts to lift her shirt) and YOU have boobies Mommy”. -Kenley


  • After I made Kenley’s pink and brown bedding yesterday, I noticed that BRITTON had made a note for Kenley, from the Tooth Fairy. She even left candy for her little sister, under her pillow. Melt my heart.


We experimented with mixing yellow + blue in our play dough. We found that yellow plus blue makes  green- just like in the Glad Zip Lock commercials from way back when.  It amazes me every time, no matter how many times I make it, how much my girls love playing with homemade play dough. They must have sat at the bar for two hours today, kneading the warm green dough, creating dragons, cookies, people, nests.

At one point Britton had made a standing tree with small round green apples attached, planted in grass with thumbprints all over it. She went on to explain to me that it was Adam and Eve’s garden, and proceeded to tell me that, “Adam and Eve were in the garden. But then they ate the apple, and then they were naked. But an angel was still with them in the garden.”  Actually, she told it much better than that. With more details than I can recollect, sadly. Kids.

Also had the opportunity to make slice then bake some All Natural Chocolate Chip Cookies. Warm cookies, gooey in the middle, melted chocolate chips, paired perfectly with a cool glass of skim milk. Dee-lish.



Thursday night was Family Game Night. Ladies Choice. We played the classic board game Operation. I don’t think I have played that game since I was Britton’s age. And that dang loud, irritating buzzer makes me jump every time.


And if you don’t believe me when I say it is hot and muggy here- then Kenley’s door painting is evidence.

With hours of television watching that have been logged over the past few months, let it be known that I have made an attempt to have ‘reading time’ for 1/2 hour prior to powering on the big screen. Okay, so we did it a total of 5 times- but hey, it’s better than nothing. The girls get their heirloom quilts, travel pillows, several books, and then choose a ‘comfy’ place in the house to sit quietly and read. Then the microwave times gets set for 30 minutes. I think they like the structure- should have done it a lot more than we did.


And here is one for YOU Aunt Dee Dee!