First Day of School

Not to sound like a total wienie, or is it wiener?, but I am exhausted tonight. My goal was to get an updated blog entry- not that anyone outside our direct family would notice one way or the other- and I have only made it half way. Photos uploaded. New song selected. Now it’s time for the clever, yet somewhat witty dialogue to mimic the photos. Too tired. Instead, I give you snippets of our lives this past week.

Starting with the first day of school- Monday. Britty rolled her new LL Bean backpack into her second grade classroom. Kenley, with blonde hair tied into a navy blue & white polka dot bow, waddled into her PreK4 classroom and never looked back. All us girls are happy to be back on a schedule and anxiously await the fall weather which will surely bring pumpkins, cute corduroy jackets, hay piles, scare crows, fallen leaves, Hopkins soup and football games.

All confidence.
My children are such good sports when it comes to Modeling for their mama….
We love having neighbors to come and visit us. The green playdough, yes it is still alive and well, made star shaped cookies delightful. Then it was on to hide and go sneak- which included the 4 year old.
12 year olds are really cool to 4 year olds.
At least once I day I hear Britton ask, “I can’t imagine what our life would be like without Poochie!”
Neither can I pumpkin.
Don’t mind me– just checking out the neighbors.
Perfecting her green thumb on the back patio.
I love that my girls have my childhood dollhouse. Same pink (well  now yellow-tinted) wallpaper in the kitchen, minature brass table lamps, and tiny white rod iron bed.
Although the sun is still in the summer sky, it’s Good Night time in our household.

And that goes for me too! Goodnight.