Horse Riding Summer Days

Tennis  is a good sport. You can play it throughout your life. Lessons are right there at Britton’s school. But no spark.

Ballet is a great sport for little girls. Posture, balance, flexability.
But no dice there either. Britton dreaded her Saturday morning classes.

Soccer is great too. Builds sportsmanship, team playing, speed, endurance.
But it came and went. Nothing.

Now let’s take horseback riding. Manuer, mosquitos, heat. 
She LOVES it. Dang it.

Britton began her horse back riding lessons and has taken to it like, well… flies on manuer.  She likes the trotting, the posting, “Honey” the pony, the barn, the saddles, the mud. She loves it all. 

I think every parent wants their children to find something they LOVE. (and if we really want to be honest, love AND excel in preferably). While the jury is still out, B may have found that at a horse barn.

She is off the lead line, walking and trotting and loving every 100 degree minute of it!

Kenley on the other hand begins complaining the minute we arrive at the barn, swatting at the flies on her arm, brushing the dirt off her plastic jeweled arms, and asking me when do we leave ‘this place’?

Ying and Yang.

Note- the below images are all “organic” as I am without my photo editing tool currently.

Learning to balance on the lead line.

Britton chatting her up her instructor, Rob.
Posting the trot… with a smile.
Meanwhile, Miss Thang found some sidealk chalk to briefly enertain herself at the stables.
Because THIS is what she would much prefer to be doing… organizing her plastic jewels.

And what better way to get my girls away from a boring Wii? Baking, baking, and more baking.

Finished product with HOMEMADE sugar on top icing.
Lord, these children are awesome. Thank You!