Tooth Fairies and Theatrical Performances

With summer winding down, we have immersed ourselves with tea parties, tooth fairies, and dress up. I mean, come on, a girls-gotta-do-what-a-girls-gotta do.

There have been purple flowered high heels, porcelain tea cups filled with water, pretzels in lieu of crumpets, table cloths made out of throw chanel blankets, giggles, snaggly toothed second graders, make believe games, scooter rides, and all around fun- out of our hot sun. 

Just as we are in full throttle this summer season, it is nearing end.  School begins on Monday- and I still have to blink in every time someone asks me what grades the  girls will be in,, responding with “second grade” as if I have a question mark at the end of my statement. Second grade. In a mom’s mind, immediately following second grade is braces, training bras, boys, phone.  Then you wake up and it’s cars, college applications, SATs, prom and graduation.

I keep searching for the button that will make time stand still- but have yet to find it. Maybe I need to google a little harder.

Kenley was giving me some free hugs this evening and I asked her if she was excited for school to start in a few days. She told me that she was, and asked that I send her – get this- lunch money so that she can buy her lunch like everybody else.

 I think I need just a minute.

So instead, she is settling on the fact that her organic Mama will most likely continue to pack her organic turkey sandwiches again this school- only we are switching things up with a Hello Kitty Thermos to keep her hydrated with fluid throughout her fourth year on earth. She was happy to make her selection while having one-on-one time at Target today. She wanted the Hello Kitty so she could have one “just like my fwiend Zoe.”.  And so it begins.  Round two.

Mama Bear testing out the afternoon tea…..
Kenley is getting good with the camera as well…
Someone needs to make a run to CVS because the Tooth Fairy is coming tonight….
I came home to a tea party in my family room this afternoon…. what a delight.
(The cups were dirty so the girls opted for bottled water) Britton got dressed for the occasion in her witch costume.
Yesterday’s activity was a picnic under the hammock- these are all Britton’s ideas by the way. A creative imagination is something she is NOT short of.
And on Monday- it was a SURPRISE Theatrical Performance for Mommy in her bedroom. Complete with stage decor, costumes, songs, playwright, flowers, fans, and special seating for me!
Please check out her holding her hair as she sings. I had to get this one on camera AND video.
Who said Mom’s don’t work?
I cannot decide which pose I like best. They both capture her larger than life personality so well.

Bouquet they made for me- out of tinfoil, backyard flowers, and Band-Aids with handwritten XXs and OOs. How special. B asked later that I put it on my night stand. It is still there- two days later.

My latest creation is their coordnating (note- NOT matching) twirl sundresses.  They turned out CUTE! Just in time for Fall. Fall weather– where are you? Please come soon.

Nothing goes better with a good twirl dress than Dollar General flip flops and Silly Bandz.