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This post is taken from an email that our church pastor sends out each week. Rings true- posting this one so I can later print in the girls book.

Perspective. From what perspective do you choose to view your life, your business, your world, yourself? Those decisions can alter the course of your life. Many times as you live your life situations, people and events influence and affect you, which often can result in a change in how you choose to see and feel about things. Your perspective.
Today I want to share with you something that someone shared with me one time that kicked my perspective right back into alignment and still continues to do so today. It’s a lesson we need to instill deep within us. It’s a truth lost, brought to light. It teaches us how to determine what is really important. It’s from one of life’s greatest teachers of children and adults alike. It’s the “Charlie Brown Philosophy” of the the late cartoonist, Charles Schulz. You don’t have to actually answer the questions. Just read the questions straight through and you’ll get the point:

1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.

2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners.

3. Name the last five winners of the Miss America contest.

4. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize.

5. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for Best Actor.

6.Name the last decades World Series winners.

So, how did you do?
The point is that none of us can remember the headliners of yesterday. These are no second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields. But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners.
Here’s another quiz. See how you do on this one:

1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.

2. Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.

3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.

4. Thank of a few people who have mae you feel appreciated and special.

5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.

6. Name half a dozen heroes whose stories have inspired you.

The people who make a difference in our lives are not the ones with the most credentials or accomplishments, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones who care.

Maybe we need to take time from all of our acheivement-oriented tasks and focus on those things that will add so much more to our lives. I believe this often used anonymous quote sums it up: “The last words that most people will not utter on their deathbed are, ‘I wish I’d had more time to complete that project I was working on.'” In reality, at that point in our life, we normally start to realize that what we should have done is spend more time with those we love, share what we have with those less fortunate, take the time to do the little things that bring joy to us and our family.

Here is this week’s assignment: Let the ones who cared in YOUR life know how much they mean to you and BE the one who cares to everyone you meet. Most of all, don’t forget to teach this lesson to your children and your grandchildren. teach them who to look up to and how to see themselves…then make sure you are one of the people on their list!

Here’s hoping you’re on a lot of lists. And that you’ve made the world a little better place as a result.
Have a wonderful week!
You are loved,



62 degrees

With 62 degree weather today, there is much excitement in the air.

I have officially turned in my resignation to my company, and will be wrapping up by the end of October. This will allow me to focus more on our family, our house, and special interests.  I am SO looking forward to having time to dress, clean, cook, and afternoons of more patience with my girls. September was surprisingly difficult for me, with the addition of afternoon activities for not one, but two children. I had always assumed it would get easier as my children got older, but am seeing that this is not the case. Why didn’t anyone tell me this little tid bit of helpful information?

I am still in craft obsession mode- having created pink corduroy Peace Pants for K last night, with a double ruffle (a first), Britton’s brown polka-dotted corduroy pants, three dresses for Sara Britton’s baby girl, and even cut out dresses for four upcoming gifts for girlfriend friend’s babies. and I still can’t help but peeking at various fabric websites and blogs…. I need an intervention.  Can we say OCD?

Our halloween decorations are up, and I even managed to swing by Home Depot this morning for some yellow mums. Watch it get back to 95 degrees next week- ’tis Florida for you.

This afternoon Whitney is coming by to give me some photo tips- she is fab and her website is for those that are local and looking for casual, photo-journalistic-type-style. Love her work.

And…. we have sitters booked for both Friday AND Saturday night this weekend. Adults nights– woo hoo.
Thank you Nana and Gan for taking the girls ALL DAY last weekend to the aquarium at the coast… and to Sassy and Pops for offering to babysit this Friday night while we attend a birthday dinner with friends.

Oh- and I got the best slippers at Target this week.  What more in life could one want- than health, happiness and a good pair of slippers.

Now if I can just stay focus my OCD onto my work (that pays) for the next 30 days, I will be in good shape.

Impromptu Thursday Make Overs

I’m feelin’ a craft comin’ on this weekend.

With two trips to JoAnne’s in the past few days, I have materials galore in my sewing room. Now with Big Daddy back in town, and the girls with his parent’s tomorrow- there will be serious sewing going on.

Aunt Sara Britton has several upcoming baby showers, along with Autumn’s little girl, Shea’s Railey and Maysie, Halloween, christmas gifts jump starts, Maclay bella pants, new Seminole shirt for K, cutest laundry bag even for X, headband materials, and on and on.

In the meantime, I satisified my need to create with an impromptu makeover of the hallway. In the middle of Thursday-  a work day. I don’t know what came over me.  It started with a small sample on the wall, using my fingertips and the leftover guest bedroom paint sitting in the garage. Then it was going to be just the trimming in the hallway- and before I knew it I had the ladder up, rugs rolled and stowed away, and was just painting away. 

The Sherwin Williams’ Qunitide dried much darker than I would have liked (looks totally different in sewing/guest room with natrual light as opposed to the hallway). But for $0 I can change my mind later.

before hallafter hall

I had also seen this pantry makeover on a blog- which was tabled to my “to-do-one-day-when-I-don’t have-a-j.o.b.-list” but again, on the Thursday, as in yesterday, before I knew it I had pulled everything out of my pantry, poured pastas and cereals into my newly purchased (Goodwill $45) glass cannisters and whola- an organized pantry is born.

I still plan to paint the pantry, but had to put the new TJ Maxx and Goodwill purchases to use- and get them off my counters. Don’t worry Mom- they got a good washing in antibacterial soap before they made it to their new home. The amber glass containers were $7.99- is it me, or has Goodwill gotten pricey?





after pantrybefore pantry

Got to love a good iPhone photo.

Got to go spend some time with these two cute girls that keep hanging out at my house….

Three times the Fun

The Landrum girls headed down to the coast this weekend to visit our cousins and meet ‘the triplets’. Cute indeed.  I left my girls behind with their Daddy, since they hadn’t seen him much with him being gone on his 10 day hunting trip… Which he won’t ever be taking again. So, with a quick DVD-Disney-free road trip we got to visit Kirsten and Eric, and see Brewer (same age as Kens) and meet their three other children- Hadley, Boone and Greta.  So freaking cute!

Baby Greta….

September2010 092

Kirsten and one of her two baby girls, and the big brother B.

September2010 086September2010 074

Sitting in the rockers at M’Lee’s cottage St. Teresa style

September2010 083

This lil’ boogar Brewer is just about the cutest thing ever- Jazz hands or not.

September2010 081

Daddy’s Boone’s namesake- Boone.

September2010 079

Greta looks more like Dora her Aunt Shelby than Kirsten!

September2010 078

Hadley…  she likes to eat. Must run in the family.

September2010 052

More Greta… She was the one who enjoyed posing the most.

September2010 067

September2010 072

Gantlets… Brewer, Hadley, Boone, Greta. Why is it they the FOUR of them, or more well behaved than my TWO?

September2010 064

Lunch on the porch…

September2010 054

More Babs

September2010 053

Weekends are for Working

Weekends are for working.
Working to fit in all the fun, that is.

And we worked hard this weekend.

We kicked off the weekend early with a road trip to Shand’s Congenital Heart Center for Kenley’s checkup.

After her 100th echo cardiogram and EKG, it was determined that yes, the hole is still there.
And yes, it is still small. And yes, she still needs to take antibiotics before dental work.
And yes, she still needs to come back in 12 months. And yes, there is a chance the hole can get bigger- but not no, it is not likely. 
It is also unlikely, yet plausible, that should her sutchers tear, she could begin leaking aortic fluid.
And yes, they like her to come back in 12 months (versus 24) so they can check her heart for infection- again, not likely but needs to be monitored.  (A leaky valve lets blood back into the heart after it has been pumped out. The heart must therefore pump more blood forward to make up for the blood that is leaking backwards. Early on the shortness of breath may be noticeable only with exercise.)

While the cardiac visit was uneventful- sitting in the children’s specialist clinic packed waiting room for two hours was anything but. Cardiology and neurology are one of side of the 1000 square foot room.  For two hours, we sat surrounded by children in wheelchairs, mentally retarded children, children born with cerebral palsy. I’ve said it before, but it rings true today (and will always) how humbling is is there.

There but by the Grace of God go I.

I almost feel guilty having my now healthy daughter in her big flowered headband, eating a subway sandwich (we waited from 10 am – 12pm before we got called back), coloring Arial oblivious to those less fortunate around her.  So long as I live, ‘I will never forget those feelings that arise each and every time I am there.

September2010 004

Please Lord, let me never forget how blessed our family is.

September2010 006

September2010 011

Friday night our Daddy returned from a 10 day horse-back elk hunt in the Colorado mountains. As Kenley told her friend Gracie, “Daddy has changed, he is more furry now. He also killed a polar bear and a lion.”

We made glitter signs welcoming our Daddy home.

September2010 030

September2010 026

September2010 024

And what better excuse to bake a CAKE!!!

September2010 014

September2010 012

Miss Thang thinks she is hot stuff now that she is the official egg cracker.

September2010 011

Our Halloween costumes also arrived (, you would have thought it was Christmas around here. I suppose after the girls spending 2 hours on the net shopping for just the perfect costume, they would be thrilled to see the actual product. And yes, you will be held in suspense until next month.

September2010 015

Yes, Daddy our mountain man now has a beard. He later joked that he wasn’t sure whether or not he should burst her bubble that No, Daddy did not kill a polar bear.

Saturday night was Kenley’s first Florida State football game – ever. She did great until she got the dang sand in her gold sandals- and she just wouldn’t let it go. She must have washed off her little feet with a wet napkin 8 times. Come on now Kens- roll with it just a little bit.

The girls sported their name collegiate twirl skirts- thank you Joannes for the .99 Fat Quarters sale. I was able to make the skirts for $4.99 each. 

September2010 043September2010 038

Britton decided that Kenley’s skirt needed some umph, so she added the FSU flower pin to the waistband of K’s skirt. I am thinking my girls will need some ruffled FSU pants when this weather cools down. If this weather ever cools down.

Following the tailgate, Kenley had her first “pretend slumber party” celebrating her friend Camille’s 5th birthday. Boy oh boy did they have fun. We can’t figure out exactly what they did for 4 hours- but FUN seemed to have been on the forefront of the agenda.

September2010 046