62 degrees

With 62 degree weather today, there is much excitement in the air.

I have officially turned in my resignation to my company, and will be wrapping up by the end of October. This will allow me to focus more on our family, our house, and special interests.  I am SO looking forward to having time to dress, clean, cook, and afternoons of more patience with my girls. September was surprisingly difficult for me, with the addition of afternoon activities for not one, but two children. I had always assumed it would get easier as my children got older, but am seeing that this is not the case. Why didn’t anyone tell me this little tid bit of helpful information?

I am still in craft obsession mode- having created pink corduroy Peace Pants for K last night, with a double ruffle (a first), Britton’s brown polka-dotted corduroy pants, three dresses for Sara Britton’s baby girl, and even cut out dresses for four upcoming gifts for girlfriend friend’s babies. and I still can’t help but peeking at various fabric websites and blogs…. I need an intervention.  Can we say OCD?

Our halloween decorations are up, and I even managed to swing by Home Depot this morning for some yellow mums. Watch it get back to 95 degrees next week- ’tis Florida for you.

This afternoon Whitney is coming by to give me some photo tips- she is fab and her website is http://www.whitneyfletcherphotography.com/ for those that are local and looking for casual, photo-journalistic-type-style. Love her work.

And…. we have sitters booked for both Friday AND Saturday night this weekend. Adults nights– woo hoo.
Thank you Nana and Gan for taking the girls ALL DAY last weekend to the aquarium at the coast… and to Sassy and Pops for offering to babysit this Friday night while we attend a birthday dinner with friends.

Oh- and I got the best slippers at Target this week.  What more in life could one want- than health, happiness and a good pair of slippers.

Now if I can just stay focus my OCD onto my work (that pays) for the next 30 days, I will be in good shape.