Are you here Fall?

First home football game, first cardigan of the season, new corduroy fabrics, and Halloween decorations in the stores. Are you here Fall?

September2010 037September2010 035

Britton had her first Home FLORIDA STATE game of the season. After I chi’d (yes, that is a word spellchecker) her hair, applied lip gloss, garnet and gold jewelry, painted 5 fingers RED, and five fingers CHOCOLATE BROWN (her request), sprayed some perfume, and let her borrow some knock-off Aviator sunglasses, tied a big bowed-sash around her jean skirt– she was off!

With her straight hair almost down to her waist, we told her that she looked older. And she did. She was psyched to hear this, and asked us, “Really?! Do I look NINE years old now?”

September2010 029September2010 030

All bucked in at 9:00 am and headed to the stadium for some good old-fashioned tailgating. I love that my girl wanted to wear her cowboy boots to the ball game. Only in the South. She later compared the game by telling me, “Mama, it was like we were in a small over. If you had an oven, and put a bunch of people in it- that’s what the football game felt like. They even did fireworks in the daytime at the game!”.

September2010 031

September2010 028

Meanwhile, K and I stayed back in the AC where she had full reign of the computer, shopping, and toy-picking-out-all-by-herself while at Marschalls.

September2010 026

September2010 024

September2010 023

This Daddy loves him some of his little girls. Who else would thoroughly enjoy his magic tricks?

September2010 021

And be his grill buddy?

September2010 020September2010 019

At Sassy-oh-so-Fun day, Sassy purchased the girls some oh-so-sassy-shoes. They even light up- talk about being cool in the second grade. Sparkly shoes plus a missing tooth make you the McDaddy. Or McMamma in this case.

September2010 012

We are planning to enjoy our extra Labor-less day laying around the house, sewing, watching some TV, having no place to be, no where to go, chilled out kind of day.

Does this girl like to pose or what? What is up with the one hand on her hip, the other on her head? Madonna much?

September2010 035September2010 034

Happy Labor Day!