Bun in the Oven

Aunt Britty has a bun the oven… Allie Boone should be here by Christmas. This is, maybe, the third photo she has of her pregnancy. 

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Gradys birthday dinner 002Gradys birthday dinner 001

The parents to be- Uncle “Map” and Aunt “Britty”- Uncle Map is always good about playing with his two favorite nieces. Well, his only nieces- but still his favorite.

Gradys birthday dinner 003

Gradys birthday dinner 004

We had a birthday dinner on Sunday for my cousin- he “owns” my grandmother’s 3rd great grand daughter, Avery Elizabeth. Allie Boone will make the 4th. As Grady told Uncle Map when he found out they too were having a girl, “We cursed”.

I, for one, would disagree. What could possibly be better than this?

Gradys birthday dinner 006

Kenley loved being the big sister to Avery- leading her all over the house, reading books to her. Hmm, not sure how that will turn out for her. 

Gradys birthday dinner 007Gradys birthday dinner 005

In the meantime, tea party anyone?

Gradys birthday dinner 011

Gradys birthday dinner 012

Bubble bath in their Sassy’s bathtub with bubbles, television AND speaker system. Seriously? I want a bath in there!

Gradys birthday dinner 010

We are headed to Shand’s Congenital Heart Center tomorrow for Kenley’s annual check up. I am planning on a very uneventful day- with the exception of the new Barbie and DVD I purchased at Target today for Kenley. We learned early on that a “prize” makes the long clinic visits much more endurable when K has a “prize” to look forward to….