Friday Night Lights

The girls experienced the first home game of our high school football team tonight. Kenley’s preschool had their “first annual” tailgate complete with grilled hot dogs, chips, cookies, juice boxes, cheerleaders, pep rally, preschool friends and face painting. 

Kenley told me later, “it was de best football game eva!”

MaclayTailgate 029MaclayTailgate 019

The baseball field…

MaclayTailgate 025

Best buddies… New and old.

MaclayTailgate 016

Goodies for the kids…

MaclayTailgate 011

Under the ol’ Oak Tree and Gazebo….

MaclayTailgate 014

MaclayTailgate 009MaclayTailgate 023

MaclayTailgate 004

The three amigos…

MaclayTailgate 003

Kenley and Lanier, Mrs. Hicks’ daughter!

MaclayTailgate 001


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