Impromptu Thursday Make Overs

I’m feelin’ a craft comin’ on this weekend.

With two trips to JoAnne’s in the past few days, I have materials galore in my sewing room. Now with Big Daddy back in town, and the girls with his parent’s tomorrow- there will be serious sewing going on.

Aunt Sara Britton has several upcoming baby showers, along with Autumn’s little girl, Shea’s Railey and Maysie, Halloween, christmas gifts jump starts, Maclay bella pants, new Seminole shirt for K, cutest laundry bag even for X, headband materials, and on and on.

In the meantime, I satisified my need to create with an impromptu makeover of the hallway. In the middle of Thursday-  a work day. I don’t know what came over me.  It started with a small sample on the wall, using my fingertips and the leftover guest bedroom paint sitting in the garage. Then it was going to be just the trimming in the hallway- and before I knew it I had the ladder up, rugs rolled and stowed away, and was just painting away. 

The Sherwin Williams’ Qunitide dried much darker than I would have liked (looks totally different in sewing/guest room with natrual light as opposed to the hallway). But for $0 I can change my mind later.

before hallafter hall

I had also seen this pantry makeover on a blog- which was tabled to my “to-do-one-day-when-I-don’t have-a-j.o.b.-list” but again, on the Thursday, as in yesterday, before I knew it I had pulled everything out of my pantry, poured pastas and cereals into my newly purchased (Goodwill $45) glass cannisters and whola- an organized pantry is born.

I still plan to paint the pantry, but had to put the new TJ Maxx and Goodwill purchases to use- and get them off my counters. Don’t worry Mom- they got a good washing in antibacterial soap before they made it to their new home. The amber glass containers were $7.99- is it me, or has Goodwill gotten pricey?





after pantrybefore pantry

Got to love a good iPhone photo.

Got to go spend some time with these two cute girls that keep hanging out at my house….