The Story Teller

My children, like most, love books. Kenley recently choose two books from the Scholastic Book Fair. One of which, was Llama Llama Misses Mama. I read it to her yesterday before she took a nap- she then asked if she could keep it on her bed to read to ‘Floppy’ her stuffed elephant.

After Sunday school today, she was very sweaty, tired and weepy. We left the sanctuary as the11:00 am was getting started. I brought her home, fed her and just laid her down.  As I pulled out the Llama Llama book again, she asked if she could read it to me.

Oh my goodness. She stopped my in my tracks. Not only did she recite the first 4 pages verbatim, but also went on to recite the entire book to me. Now obviously each sentence was no perfect, but she remembered at least 2-3 specific words (reading rug, hang their coats, she will come back, wiped his mouth, etc) from each page- most of which weren’t illustrated in the pictures.

Now, what does this mean? Does she have a photographic memory? Can she read- I asked her to read each word as I pointed to it (truly, thought she must have learned to read) but no.. she is not reading them. She is like Rainman- a gift for remembering things.

After I was able to open my gaping mouth, I asked her how she knew that book so well, being that we got it on Wednesday and I have only read it to her once.

She told me that she read it to ‘Floppy’ and that’s how she knew the book.

I responded by being honest and telling her, “Kenley I know you are smart. But I never knew you were that smart.”

I am so screwed.