Three times the Fun

The Landrum girls headed down to the coast this weekend to visit our cousins and meet ‘the triplets’. Cute indeed.  I left my girls behind with their Daddy, since they hadn’t seen him much with him being gone on his 10 day hunting trip… Which he won’t ever be taking again. So, with a quick DVD-Disney-free road trip we got to visit Kirsten and Eric, and see Brewer (same age as Kens) and meet their three other children- Hadley, Boone and Greta.  So freaking cute!

Baby Greta….

September2010 092

Kirsten and one of her two baby girls, and the big brother B.

September2010 086September2010 074

Sitting in the rockers at M’Lee’s cottage St. Teresa style

September2010 083

This lil’ boogar Brewer is just about the cutest thing ever- Jazz hands or not.

September2010 081

Daddy’s Boone’s namesake- Boone.

September2010 079

Greta looks more like Dora her Aunt Shelby than Kirsten!

September2010 078

Hadley…  she likes to eat. Must run in the family.

September2010 052

More Greta… She was the one who enjoyed posing the most.

September2010 067

September2010 072

Gantlets… Brewer, Hadley, Boone, Greta. Why is it they the FOUR of them, or more well behaved than my TWO?

September2010 064

Lunch on the porch…

September2010 054

More Babs

September2010 053