Weekends are for Working

Weekends are for working.
Working to fit in all the fun, that is.

And we worked hard this weekend.

We kicked off the weekend early with a road trip to Shand’s Congenital Heart Center for Kenley’s checkup.

After her 100th echo cardiogram and EKG, it was determined that yes, the hole is still there.
And yes, it is still small. And yes, she still needs to take antibiotics before dental work.
And yes, she still needs to come back in 12 months. And yes, there is a chance the hole can get bigger- but not no, it is not likely. 
It is also unlikely, yet plausible, that should her sutchers tear, she could begin leaking aortic fluid.
And yes, they like her to come back in 12 months (versus 24) so they can check her heart for infection- again, not likely but needs to be monitored.  (A leaky valve lets blood back into the heart after it has been pumped out. The heart must therefore pump more blood forward to make up for the blood that is leaking backwards. Early on the shortness of breath may be noticeable only with exercise.)

While the cardiac visit was uneventful- sitting in the children’s specialist clinic packed waiting room for two hours was anything but. Cardiology and neurology are one of side of the 1000 square foot room.  For two hours, we sat surrounded by children in wheelchairs, mentally retarded children, children born with cerebral palsy. I’ve said it before, but it rings true today (and will always) how humbling is is there.

There but by the Grace of God go I.

I almost feel guilty having my now healthy daughter in her big flowered headband, eating a subway sandwich (we waited from 10 am – 12pm before we got called back), coloring Arial oblivious to those less fortunate around her.  So long as I live, ‘I will never forget those feelings that arise each and every time I am there.

September2010 004

Please Lord, let me never forget how blessed our family is.

September2010 006

September2010 011

Friday night our Daddy returned from a 10 day horse-back elk hunt in the Colorado mountains. As Kenley told her friend Gracie, “Daddy has changed, he is more furry now. He also killed a polar bear and a lion.”

We made glitter signs welcoming our Daddy home.

September2010 030

September2010 026

September2010 024

And what better excuse to bake a CAKE!!!

September2010 014

September2010 012

Miss Thang thinks she is hot stuff now that she is the official egg cracker.

September2010 011

Our Halloween costumes also arrived (http://www.buycostumes.com/), you would have thought it was Christmas around here. I suppose after the girls spending 2 hours on the net shopping for just the perfect costume, they would be thrilled to see the actual product. And yes, you will be held in suspense until next month.

September2010 015

Yes, Daddy our mountain man now has a beard. He later joked that he wasn’t sure whether or not he should burst her bubble that No, Daddy did not kill a polar bear.

Saturday night was Kenley’s first Florida State football game – ever. She did great until she got the dang sand in her gold sandals- and she just wouldn’t let it go. She must have washed off her little feet with a wet napkin 8 times. Come on now Kens- roll with it just a little bit.

The girls sported their name collegiate twirl skirts- thank you Joannes for the .99 Fat Quarters sale. I was able to make the skirts for $4.99 each. 

September2010 043September2010 038

Britton decided that Kenley’s skirt needed some umph, so she added the FSU flower pin to the waistband of K’s skirt. I am thinking my girls will need some ruffled FSU pants when this weather cools down. If this weather ever cools down.

Following the tailgate, Kenley had her first “pretend slumber party” celebrating her friend Camille’s 5th birthday. Boy oh boy did they have fun. We can’t figure out exactly what they did for 4 hours- but FUN seemed to have been on the forefront of the agenda.

September2010 046