Day o’ Halloween Parties

We partied like rock stars yesterday–

First party kicked off with a Preschool Halloween parade, preschool party with ‘Edible Eyeball’ snacks, orange pumpkin faced rice crispy treats, bat-shaped pretzels with a Halloween Carnival (#1) on the preschool playground. 


Eyeball toss, Face painting, haunted playhouse, pumpkin toss, nail painting, cookie decorating, inflatable jumpies, prizes, and then some.

My station… eyeball toss.







After manning my ‘eyeball toss’ station, I quickly ran home to check on the AC repair men who were at our house for the 3rd day, replacing our entire AC Unit. With it’s lovely price tag, happy 10th anniversary to me!
We would happen to replace the unit, during the heat wave this month, when temperatures reached 86 degrees with 100% humidity. Wednesday night I had to pack up the girls so we could sleep at Sassy and Pop’s house. But, in the end we are $12k in the hole with a brand spanking new AC unit that better work so weel that is can cool down the whole dang neighborhood.

Okay, so I will get back to the Halloween festivities in a minute. This would be a good place to insert the ‘my car smells like gasoline’ tidbit.  Last Friday we noticed that my car smelled like gas, husband looked under car and saw gas dripping out… when I say dripping, I mean that stuff was not only leaking from underneath my SUV, but running down the driveway. I lost 3/4 a tank of gas, which is roughly 19 gallons in my 25 gallon tank. Needless to say, after rushing the SUV to the dealership, only to have them keep the windows rolled up, while the gas continued to drip for three days– my car now smells like a big ol’ gas nozzle. Not the oh, it smells like gas kind of smell- rather, the deep gas smell of, oh shit- will these fumes ever get out of my car kind of smell?

In the meantime, husband thought it an opportune time to buy himself a new truck. Yes, you heard right.

Fortunately for him, he got a “smokin’ deal” on a Ford truck.

Unfortunately for him, I am now the proud driver of a new Ford truck.

… At least, until my car is no longer flamable.

Okay, so now I have gone to Halloween party, round one- gone home to check on AC repair men.. then back to kid’s school to set up for 2nd grade Halloween Party on the black top.

Get a big ol’ cooler out of my new Ford truck, along with bags of ice, and 70 water bottles- only to realize I cannot find my brand new iPhone. As in, the one I had to purchase a two weeks ago when the screen broke. As in, how in the heck did I lose my phone- have never ever lost phone, keys, purse, wallet, or ran out of gas for that matter…

After looking for my phone for 2 hours, intermittently taking photos of the adorable second graders, my friend Gannon has the brilliant idea of calling my phone, from her phone, inside my brand-spanking new Ford.

I know, redundant. But I like saying, my brand spanking new Ford. My brand spanking new Ford.




So, two hours later I call my phone inside the truck and deep down inside a tiny crevasse I see that slim little black thing. By golly.






After the Halloween Carnival (#2), we went home to rip off polyester mermaid and fairy costumes, traded plastic high heels for tennis shoes and flip flops, and went back to school for the annual 7th grade carnival.

Think rock climbing, haunted hayrides, goldfish booth, hair painting, yes- hair, haunted house, bottle knock down booth, cotton candy booth, video games, DJ, obstacle courses with inflatable jumpers… and those are just the booths we went to.

B was determined to win a goldfish- she continued to drop her tickets into the box, while I secretly prayed that I we would not be going home with a new friend.

Ahh, but we did. “Lauren” and “Suzi”.  I explained to B that goldfish can live a long time, but sometimes they don’t live very long. Suzi died over night.

One down, one to go. Whoops, did I just say that?

Now we are off on this beautiful Saturday morning, for Halloween Carnival #4. That is after we go to B’s rescheduled horse lesson. Oh how I wish it weren’t hunting season.

But that’s okay, I have my brand spanking new Ford.


You are a Child of God

“You are a child of God
Wonderfully made, Dearly loved and
Precious in His Sight
Before God made you, He knew you
There is no one else like you.”


Downing was baptized this morning at our church…. what a sweet and alert baby boy he is.

Old McDonald

We attended a fundraiser last night for the local Ronald McDonald House charities. Mr. Robinson serves on the board as Treasurer and is proud of this annual event.

This is a charity near and dear to our heart.  In fact, the cover last had a portion of the letter that Mike wrote about our experience at the Ronald McDonald suite at Shands during our hospital stay during Kenley’s ordeal.

It was held at a local farm, overlooking a lake.. with a band, Stonecrab, bars, and silent auction. Fun times.

Mama Doesn’t Like my Boyfriend

What’s new, my Mom doesn’t like my new “boyfriend” aka my new Canon 50D camera.

So, let me just tell you the good qualities he has– he lets me adjust shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and focal points– all while shooting in the AV mode.

The downside- we are still tweaking our communication issues. In other words, I am not sure how to work him just yet— but getting there.  This boyfriend has a great reputation, has dated several of my friends, and comes with a money back guarantee.

Also, I just bought him a nice present- Adobe Lightroom3- so I think he is going to be extra nice to me very soon. Especially when I start feeding him RAW images– and I can adjust him, change him, and make him the perfect boyfriend.

So, give him a chance Mom. I think that one day, you too, will like him.