Whew, what an experience. I have a whole new level of respect for our pastors. Not only do they attend all three services (and listen to the same service three times), but they must prepare, practice and participate each and every week.

Glad I had the opportunity to do it- and also glad I can check that off my list.

I thought by the time the 11:00 am service rolled around, my jitters would be gone (there were two previous services)– that was not the case.

Wasn’t I surprised when I looked in the congregation and say my MOM who was suppose to be in Indianapolis. She had flown home early to surprise me- so, with a church full of some of my closest friends (Coco left baby D to come today, as well as Gannon and lil’ Beau, Aunt Britty and Uncle Matt) I spoke it just like Big Daddy and I had rehearsed. Because after all, today wasn’t about me- it was about God.

Now it’s off to a church BBQ.

Another good thing that came out of Laity Sunday– I was forced to finish the girls corduroy outfits. They turned out good- and will be even better when this cool weather stays for good.