My New Boyfriend

He is strong, clear, reliable, and has a long battery life. My new boyfriend, Canon.
I am still learning all the many buttons- as in shutter speed (how do I adjust that AND aperture), etc etc. But am loving this new camera. Thank you hubby!
Poochie will try any trick for a treat!
And Kenley loves her some candy corns!
See there- fancy shmanzy. Too bad I missed her hair appointment last month and am a brunette now.
Playhouse fun on Fridays. I decorated the inside with all their art work, pulled everything out and gave it a good cleaning, put a little spin on the organization inside. Now, with the help of the autumn weather, they girlies are loving their Pops-made playhouse.
One of these days, their Daddy needs to drag the electrical cord out to their playhouse so it can light up at night once again.
K is sporting a longer hair do these days. Turns out she has curly AND thick hair.  Perfect for a mama-made headband!
Britton found an old box of Curaid-BandAid-Scar-Healer package thing a ma bobs tonight, and decided she had a spot on her face that needed fixing. So yes, that is a Band Aid under her very tired eye.
Incidentally, the girls both had their well-exam appointments with the pediatrician yesterday. Apparently I hadn’t taken them to a WELL appointment in two years– K needed 7 shots, B needed 4. 
Britton flunked BOTH her auditory and vision tests- luckily, when I asked the nurse to test her hearing for a fourth time, she passed. Eyes, on the other hand, will have to now be examined by an opthomologist.  And all this time, I thought Helen Keller Britton was being cute when she asked to wear my lens-less glasses to school. Poor thing, she be blind!
On top of all that, she has low iron too.  I told Mr. Robinson, that this is a prime example (although NOT an excuse) as to how overwhelmed I have been for the past 3 years and 9 months (since I have been working). Full working retirement will commence mid-November and I cannot wait!!
Can you see how tired my baby girl was this afternoon? She way ready to fall asleep at 5:00 pm but I managed to keep her awake until 8:00. We rocked in the hammocks, had bubble baths, ate apples and spaghetti-O’s, baked Halloween cookies, and watched Princess Diaries. Now I have two little lovies asleep in my bed. How is that for a Friday night?
Kenley trying to make “paint” with berries and water. I don’t think it went to well. No need, we have a ton of Crayolas.
B swaying in the afternoon sun trying to rest those blind eyes.
My big baby girl.
She is even more cuddly when she is tired. It’s a full week being a second grader, but Friday she is pooped. Not to mention today was ‘Grandparents Day’ at their school. Nana and Gan came to BOTH performances to watch their two favorite granddaughters sing songs to them, present art work, and tour their classrooms. They even let their girls leave ‘early’ with them and visited the library. Oh what a treat!