Pardon Our Dust

Pardon our dust while we await our new camera…..

In the meantime, here are some iPhone photos to keep you interested.

Kenley can get into double trouble with her double ruffle corduroys.

Peace! Coordinating shirt to follow….

Hanging out with Meme…

This gift is currently being monogrammed….

Britton’s new threads to cheer on the Seminoles.

Close up of the FSU pen (can be used for head band, clothes, bags, necklaces)

Some pizazz for jean jackets and t-shirts

Wool pen for the Fall

Kenley’s most recent checkup at the Congenital Heart Center- Sept. 2010

Welcoming their Daddy home from his hunting trip. What a welcome wagon!

Took the girls to the mall a couple months ago.. more iPhone photos. If this is them at ‘Forever 21′ at 4, what will happen when they are 21?

K’s twirl skirt– skirting (ues, skirting- just made up that word) a pose.
Church dresses
Britton having an end-of-summer pedicure.