Thursdays Round Here

I have fallen in love with Thursdays. Yes, Thursdays. When we drive 30 minutes to the next county, and hang out at the stables for 1 1/2 hours, and get home at 6:00 at night. 

It is absolutely beautiful at Cherry Hill Farms where BLR rides, with green pastures, large oaks trees, clean stables, and B’s sweet trainer Rebecca- who is Aunt Britty’s good friend.  Britton gets to help tack up, ride, wash and feed the pony. She is in total heaven when there- totally ‘in her element’ as my Mom would say.  Just like my sister- Britton’s Aunt Sara Britton. Her namesake.

Here are snippets from her lesson last week.  More to come- with my NEW camera. Yep, sold the Canon Rebel XT (keeping me two newer lens) and going to upgrade to another Canon Model 50D. I will be camera-less in the meantime though. It will be well worth it in the end.

I will admit- there is something to be said for snapping random photos- as many as you want- knowing that it is the last day with your camera. With no pressure- it captures the very essence of who each of these little people are. A photo IS worth a thousand words….


Kenley and I sit in the gazebo at the barn, which has a FAN (hallelujah) and she spreads out her heirloom quilt and eats the entire time we are there. It’s like a hour long picnic- Kenley’s idea of heaven. We pack Barbies, books, toys and even an iPod. I take my Book Club book, magazine, and let the overhead fan blow on us and listen to some Zac Brown Band flipping through October’s Southern Living magazine. No work calls. No phone calls. My idea of heaven. In my element.



This picture looks JUST like my sister as a child…







I have a feeling we have another horse lover in the family…..

Horses2010 018