Holly Days

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The turkey leftovers are sitting in the fridge, the deer “rut” is on in Georgia which times nicely with the holiday shopping that has begun at home.

Mike got big props last night when I came home from getting my hair “did” to find that he had bought the tree, put it up, purchased additional Christmas lights, strung the tree with thousands of lights, and hung each and every ornament perfectly- with the help of our two little elves. What a great surprise!

You don’t see that everyday….

Now it’s on to tailgating for big football game once I finish putting up the rest of these holiday decorations around our house. Oh, and “Lou” our Elf on the Shelf is back which improves our girl’s behavior- if ever so slightly.  Britton’s friend Beau was here this week, and said he was getting an Elf whom he plans to name “Gerry”. The elf names always make me laugh.


Sick Day

Britton had a personal sick day this week. She woke up with the sniffles, and I thought I’d let her “sleep in”. By mid-morning I was ‘on to her’ when she asked me to hot roll her hair. The hair looked so good, she thought it would be a good idea to have her nails painted. 5 different colors. Toes too.

By the afternoon, she had pulled out paper and the laptop. Britton googled Origami and watched You Tube videos of How to Make a Flapping Swan and How to make an Origami Fortune Teller.

Lordy, lordy.

Now Kenley and I have a slight case of the sniffles. We went to the stables this morning for Britton’s lesson- and are now at home, back in PJs, watching Alladin and doing laundry. I have managed to postpone my Thanksgiving cooking until tomorrow morning. Maybe.

More Showering of da Baby….

More showering o’ gifts for new baby niece…..
So yummy.
The Hostess with the Mostess fabulous-ness.
Our cousin Nichole drove in from the ORL to celebrate.
Our little snippet sunset in the panhandle.
My kind of baby shower….
Mom playing tourguide…
Party time…
Let’s see, if her due date is December 25th, then she is about 35 weeks pregnant. ??
So cute, wish I could say I made it- but I didn’t.
Katherine, Tots, Melissa.
Sassy getting amped up to have her 3rd grandaughter soon.
2 daughter + 3 grandaughters = BOWS, BRAS and BOYFRIEND TROUBLE
She cannot move.. Do you hear me Coco?
Fine. We will just come visit.

Here, there and Yonder

Still moving along rapidly… with fashion shows, birthday celebrations, play dates, Downing visits, scooter rides, sewing creations, baby shower celebrations, FSU football, GA deer hunting, craft store shopping, visits with Uncle Casey, more baby shower celebrations, and on and on.

His two naked God sisters may have scared him a little.

We may just not let you move to Atlanta cute little baby…..

When I finally broke the news to Britton that Aunt Coco and Downing would be moving to Atlanta- her reaction? “I just LOVE Atlanta. That is where the American Girl Doll store is!”And we had SUCH a pleasant experience there for her birthday (hear the sarcasm?)

One of the creations for Allie Boone… my friend has an aunt born on Christmas. Her name is Mary Noel.

These ribbons can be switched out after the holidays for extended wear. Love these– had the material for a while, knowing that the right design would come to mind. Whola, Christmas.

Daddy’s little girl gave a handmade gift to her daddy yesterday- a coffee mug. Look how proud.

Britton lost another tooth. It actually came out in her sleep last night (she refuses to pull them out, rather hoping it will fall out on its own). She woke me up at 3:00 am this morning to tell me it had fallen out, and she couldn’t find it.  Lucky for her, the tooth fairy had already made her rounds last night, but will be stopping by tonight. B’s note under her pillow read,

“Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost another tooth. I would like $20 for my tooth this time. And I want to keep my tooth. Love, Britton”

Dang private schools. In this house, you make $3 and we will call it even.

My little Peace.Love.RockNRoll girl.

K had a play date with Molly. I have no idea what they were doing.

Us Lately… Again

Saturdays are for impromptu crafts.
Check out these wooden names that Pops made for the girls. They each got to design and paint their “names” which are proudly displayed in their rooms.

Day o play 003

And a little rearranging of furniture while Daddy is in the woods.  With the help of my professional cleaner and organizer- Kenley. Give that child a rag and some Windex and she can clean for 30 minutes straight. Throw in a vacuum and she is entertained for the afternoon.

Day o play 001

Sundays are for Sunday school and church.
In Mama made dresses with fresh picked flowers, of course.

Day o play 005Day o play 004

Sunday are for deer stands in the woods– with your little girls.
K wanted to “stay wid Mama” but glad she went once they saw a Buck, tracked it, and roasted marshmallows over a bonfire with Daddy’s and his friends/kids. She may turn into a Daddy’s Girl after all.


Day o play 007Day o play 006

Mondays are piano.
And  English homework- proper nouns.

Day o play 032Day o play 029

Day o play 027

Tuesdays are speech therapy and practice piano.
And math homework- algorithms.
And study for spelling dictation test- plus the “challenge” words for extra credit.
After our second round of flu shots.  Fun visit today at the pediatrician’s office. Oh, yea.

Day o play 012

Day o play 019Day o play 032

After being attacked by a dog yesterday, and held down for a shot in her thigh today- while screaming for her life, for all the children in the waiting room to hear, and looking at my like I have betrayed her beyond comprehension– this gal deserved a Coca Cola.

Day o play 009Day o play 008

And today is for being thankful for these little people.

Day o play 002