3.0 with a Baby to Go… and Boone

Happy 30th Birthday Aunt Britty! In her 3xth week of pregnany, last trimester, she is counting down the days until their baby girl Allie Boone arrives. In the meantime, we celebrated her birthday Southern Style with Corn and Sausage chowder, cornbread, cowboy boots and country music.

Happy Birthday Daddy Boone! My Dad would have been 64 yesterday- born November 8, 1946.  On facebook each year, I like to use several adjective to describe him. The comments crack me up. For example, this year I wrote, Boiled peanuts, mule deer, jeep wagoneers, and Blues Brothers… “

Some of the comments were:

  • I always think of Uncle Boone when I see Animal House! He was such a fan ( and one great Daddy too.). Love you guys!
  • I think of his stash/collection of mini liquor bottles he’d get from the airplanes…..those would be picked through on some occasions, if I do recall-not by me and SBK though
  • How about leaves and his pail?
  • I think of him everytime I get made fun of for having a whisk broom in my car.
  • I definitely think of labeled cereal canisters and artufully trimmed hedges. Happy birthday Boone!
  •  St. Teresa Beach, Goodwill, Juke Box, Pop Corn Machine, Weather Radio, Azaleas and that he always kissed you girls good night even if it was late when he got home from the office. : )
  •  he would guffaw at these two: Tommy Hilfiger, Land Rover. great man.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Cowboy style….

Aunt Coco left her hubby and baby boy to come celebrate with us before she moves to Hotlanta….

This snaggle tooth is in her room wiggling her front tooth as I type- it is hanging by one root. Totally gives me the heebie jeebies.

Meme is likely pointing to some food asking my Mom if it is organic…. That’s why she looks so good as 84.

Tasty Pastry did the cupcakes with the cook wrapping paper. Would probably be easy to duplicate with scrap booking paper. But not as easy as buying it (cupcakes AND wrappers that is)!
Robinson girls working the crowd.

Gannon and Coco celebrating with style. They make me want to go back to blonde.

Cute at 3 years, cuter at 30 years… cutest at Forever.  My mom has definately done this party planning thing a long time- she had me match the balloons to the colors of her marble floor in the foyer. Yes, matched to the house.

Britton and Pops giving free tours of the master woodcrafter;s workshop. When someone asked how his new vacumm system worked, B was the one to explain!