Fingernails, Funyons, and Fall

Fall weather is here- we’ve had round 2 of play dates, make up horse lessons, children’s birthday parties… and now a cold Saturday night.

K fence color (1 of 1)K fence (1 of 1)

Even Daddy made it to the Farm with us today, to watch Britton “canter” for the first time.

Mike K CHF (1 of 1)Garrett watching (1 of 1)

B cantering (1 of 1)

We watched, posed, and… painted our fingernails a yummy chochlate brown. Oh yes, we did.

Garrett K on tree CHerry Hill color (1 of 1)Garrett K on tree CHerry Hill yestertear2 (1 of 1)

Okay, so we did a lot of posing.

Garrett K on tree CHerry Hill yestertear (1 of 1)

Garrett K on tree CHerry Hill (1 of 1)
K on tree CHerry Hill old polar (1 of 1)K on tree CHerry Hill (1 of 1)
We really did watch her riding lesson, I promise. But with the whole dang family there we had to entertain ourselves as well. And stay warm.
K Mike CHerry Hill (1 of 1)
Even Poochie Mama had to stay warm today. K sported her FSU skirt in honor of the Seminole game today. The skirt was made using $.99 fat quarters from JoAnnes.
K FSU SKirt front (1 of 1)K FSU SKirt back (1 of 1)
This is how the girls amuse themselves while I was sewing away on a Saturday morning… Poor Poochie.
Designed K’s Christmas ensemble- will have to see how it turns out. Not much of a sketch.
Poochie reindeer (1 of 1)sewing sketch (1 of 1)
Sewing “Studio” aka the guest bedroom.
sewing rm (1 of 1)sewing machine (1 of 1)
Working our way back to Friday afternoon’s playdate. My girls love playing with the boys.
Kenley Christopher (1 of 1)
See, I told you we painted our fingernails yummy chocolate brown while Britton continued to canter in the foreground.
G nails (1 of 1)
G nails2 (1 of 1)
… And it’s only Saturday. More fun tomorrow.
K on tree CHerry Hill BW (1 of 1)