Here, there and Yonder

Still moving along rapidly… with fashion shows, birthday celebrations, play dates, Downing visits, scooter rides, sewing creations, baby shower celebrations, FSU football, GA deer hunting, craft store shopping, visits with Uncle Casey, more baby shower celebrations, and on and on.

His two naked God sisters may have scared him a little.

We may just not let you move to Atlanta cute little baby…..

When I finally broke the news to Britton that Aunt Coco and Downing would be moving to Atlanta- her reaction? “I just LOVE Atlanta. That is where the American Girl Doll store is!”And we had SUCH a pleasant experience there for her birthday (hear the sarcasm?)

One of the creations for Allie Boone… my friend has an aunt born on Christmas. Her name is Mary Noel.

These ribbons can be switched out after the holidays for extended wear. Love these– had the material for a while, knowing that the right design would come to mind. Whola, Christmas.

Daddy’s little girl gave a handmade gift to her daddy yesterday- a coffee mug. Look how proud.

Britton lost another tooth. It actually came out in her sleep last night (she refuses to pull them out, rather hoping it will fall out on its own). She woke me up at 3:00 am this morning to tell me it had fallen out, and she couldn’t find it.  Lucky for her, the tooth fairy had already made her rounds last night, but will be stopping by tonight. B’s note under her pillow read,

“Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost another tooth. I would like $20 for my tooth this time. And I want to keep my tooth. Love, Britton”

Dang private schools. In this house, you make $3 and we will call it even.

My little Peace.Love.RockNRoll girl.

K had a play date with Molly. I have no idea what they were doing.