Holidays are Here

This week we have begun celebrating Mr. Robinson’s 35th birthday!
We have bought his presents, the girls know every one of them, and they are hidden throughout the house.
Love this time of year when our calendars are now busting at the seams, Christmas commericals on TV, faux trees, lights and ornaments displayed at Home Depot. And any day now, 107.1 FM will be playing 24×7 Christmas carols.  Poochie Britton is excited!

Sewing Machine Off

I furiously sewed, threaded, cut, ironed and complete my girls Christmas outfits. This included two appliqued turtlenecks, one long twirls skirt, one pair of Bella pants, and one long tiered top.  Whew. I am beat.

But not to beat to start surfing the Internet for ideas for upcoming projects. This turkey project looks like a no-brainer.

Someone else is enjoying the stables…. she still have a few years to watch and learn before she will be on there herself.

Nana came over this week to spend some quality ‘girl time’ with Kenley while husband and I enjoyed date nigh— suprisingly the ‘Social Network’ movie was good.

10 tiny pink fingers….

Kenley’s latest yoga pose (that she learned at school) is the ‘Mermaid’. She asked me to try. Let’s just say, my child is much more flexible than me.

Bareback trail ride la femme style.  Great way to celebrate Veteran’s Day, 70 degrees, sun, wind, and no school. Oh, and NO job– week #2. Bliss.

Britton had a slumber party Lock in with her youth group Wednesday night. This is Britton after we picked
her up at 8:00 am Thursday from the lock in, and drove to a nearby plantation for 9:00 am family photos. She was less than thrilled to find out more photos would ensue upon arriving home.  Britton is the once who decided it was time for a new twist on her twirl skirt– longer. Perfectly paired with her riding style boots. Although she is quick to point out, that you don’t actually ride horses with these boats. (Those would be paddock boots.)


Kenley’s Christmas outfit can be worn together, or with her elf turtleneck and Christmas bella pants
After making umpteen pants, I stayed awake Wednesday night until 11:00 pm (following date night) to whip these out for the family pictures. Achieved my best time yet- 70 minutes for the bella pants from start to finish. This includes finished seams, ironing, elastic, ruffles, etc.  Love making good time on trips, schedules and now pants.

Britton did her first jump this week on this pony, Funyons.
She also lost her 4th tooth today. That Nanny McPhee tooth was ready to come out. Speaking of… I hope the tooth fairy has change for a $20 tonight, as Mr. Toothfairy is hunting in the woods…..

3.0 with a Baby to Go… and Boone

Happy 30th Birthday Aunt Britty! In her 3xth week of pregnany, last trimester, she is counting down the days until their baby girl Allie Boone arrives. In the meantime, we celebrated her birthday Southern Style with Corn and Sausage chowder, cornbread, cowboy boots and country music.

Happy Birthday Daddy Boone! My Dad would have been 64 yesterday- born November 8, 1946.  On facebook each year, I like to use several adjective to describe him. The comments crack me up. For example, this year I wrote, Boiled peanuts, mule deer, jeep wagoneers, and Blues Brothers… “

Some of the comments were:

  • I always think of Uncle Boone when I see Animal House! He was such a fan ( and one great Daddy too.). Love you guys!
  • I think of his stash/collection of mini liquor bottles he’d get from the airplanes…..those would be picked through on some occasions, if I do recall-not by me and SBK though
  • How about leaves and his pail?
  • I think of him everytime I get made fun of for having a whisk broom in my car.
  • I definitely think of labeled cereal canisters and artufully trimmed hedges. Happy birthday Boone!
  •  St. Teresa Beach, Goodwill, Juke Box, Pop Corn Machine, Weather Radio, Azaleas and that he always kissed you girls good night even if it was late when he got home from the office. : )
  •  he would guffaw at these two: Tommy Hilfiger, Land Rover. great man.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Cowboy style….

Aunt Coco left her hubby and baby boy to come celebrate with us before she moves to Hotlanta….

This snaggle tooth is in her room wiggling her front tooth as I type- it is hanging by one root. Totally gives me the heebie jeebies.

Meme is likely pointing to some food asking my Mom if it is organic…. That’s why she looks so good as 84.

Tasty Pastry did the cupcakes with the cook wrapping paper. Would probably be easy to duplicate with scrap booking paper. But not as easy as buying it (cupcakes AND wrappers that is)!
Robinson girls working the crowd.

Gannon and Coco celebrating with style. They make me want to go back to blonde.

Cute at 3 years, cuter at 30 years… cutest at Forever.  My mom has definately done this party planning thing a long time- she had me match the balloons to the colors of her marble floor in the foyer. Yes, matched to the house.

Britton and Pops giving free tours of the master woodcrafter;s workshop. When someone asked how his new vacumm system worked, B was the one to explain!

Fingernails, Funyons, and Fall

Fall weather is here- we’ve had round 2 of play dates, make up horse lessons, children’s birthday parties… and now a cold Saturday night.

K fence color (1 of 1)K fence (1 of 1)

Even Daddy made it to the Farm with us today, to watch Britton “canter” for the first time.

Mike K CHF (1 of 1)Garrett watching (1 of 1)

B cantering (1 of 1)

We watched, posed, and… painted our fingernails a yummy chochlate brown. Oh yes, we did.

Garrett K on tree CHerry Hill color (1 of 1)Garrett K on tree CHerry Hill yestertear2 (1 of 1)

Okay, so we did a lot of posing.

Garrett K on tree CHerry Hill yestertear (1 of 1)

Garrett K on tree CHerry Hill (1 of 1)
K on tree CHerry Hill old polar (1 of 1)K on tree CHerry Hill (1 of 1)
We really did watch her riding lesson, I promise. But with the whole dang family there we had to entertain ourselves as well. And stay warm.
K Mike CHerry Hill (1 of 1)
Even Poochie Mama had to stay warm today. K sported her FSU skirt in honor of the Seminole game today. The skirt was made using $.99 fat quarters from JoAnnes.
K FSU SKirt front (1 of 1)K FSU SKirt back (1 of 1)
This is how the girls amuse themselves while I was sewing away on a Saturday morning… Poor Poochie.
Designed K’s Christmas ensemble- will have to see how it turns out. Not much of a sketch.
Poochie reindeer (1 of 1)sewing sketch (1 of 1)
Sewing “Studio” aka the guest bedroom.
sewing rm (1 of 1)sewing machine (1 of 1)
Working our way back to Friday afternoon’s playdate. My girls love playing with the boys.
Kenley Christopher (1 of 1)
See, I told you we painted our fingernails yummy chocolate brown while Britton continued to canter in the foreground.
G nails (1 of 1)
G nails2 (1 of 1)
… And it’s only Saturday. More fun tomorrow.
K on tree CHerry Hill BW (1 of 1)

Post Halloween Hump Days

October swirled past us, leaving as quickly as it came. Tonight, in comes the rain and the third day of November. We have birthdays just around the bend, with holidays in the next town over.  I became overly excited today and bought not just Costco wrapping paper, but most of my girl’s Christmas in one big swoop. I love one big swoops.

Halloween decorations are packed up in the garage, all the Robinson girls have moved out our summer clothes– barely making room in Daddy’s camouflage closet. Picture Cabelos tree bark fleece, next to pink gingham smocked dress.  It’s a tight squeeze indeed.

Today marks the smack dab middle of my first week of ‘retirement’ and I – big shock- managed to over schedule this week leaving me with an ulcer in my mouth, circles under my eyes and total exhaustion. Yes, I stayed in my PJ’s for a whopping two hours Monday morning, but just realized I haven’t sat down since.

That’s okay- for the first time I was able to ‘chaperogne’ K’s field trip to the local animal museum, hosted a play date, made dinner for friends, planned and prepared for sister’s birthday dinner this weekend, managed some rental property, stayed on hold with my insurance company for 20 years, began sewing the girls Christmas outfits, and tomorrow I am helping at Britton’s 2nd grade Art project, and helping the husband with his work as well. I always hate it when people list everything they do in a day- as if we aren’t all busy. For strangely, it makes me feel oh so much better to throw it all out there.

K dress up (1 of 1)

K dress up2 (1 of 1)K dress up-foot (1 of 1)

Britton started speech therapy today with a fabulous therapist that lives just one block away. Britton will be annunciating “Rocky Rock ice cream” in a flash.  She is a hard worker and cute as a button. Worried that she would lose her Boston accent, I assured her that we would video tape it so we could always listen to her “Boston accent” as she affectionately calls her speech impediment.

Happy Hump Day.

Mom and girls - halloween (1 of 1)

halloween GECC (1 of 1)

Sorting out the Halloween candy and trading appropriately…. with their almost-a-brother Beau.

halloween beau girls (1 of 1)