Post Halloween Hump Days

October swirled past us, leaving as quickly as it came. Tonight, in comes the rain and the third day of November. We have birthdays just around the bend, with holidays in the next town over.  I became overly excited today and bought not just Costco wrapping paper, but most of my girl’s Christmas in one big swoop. I love one big swoops.

Halloween decorations are packed up in the garage, all the Robinson girls have moved out our summer clothes– barely making room in Daddy’s camouflage closet. Picture Cabelos tree bark fleece, next to pink gingham smocked dress.  It’s a tight squeeze indeed.

Today marks the smack dab middle of my first week of ‘retirement’ and I – big shock- managed to over schedule this week leaving me with an ulcer in my mouth, circles under my eyes and total exhaustion. Yes, I stayed in my PJ’s for a whopping two hours Monday morning, but just realized I haven’t sat down since.

That’s okay- for the first time I was able to ‘chaperogne’ K’s field trip to the local animal museum, hosted a play date, made dinner for friends, planned and prepared for sister’s birthday dinner this weekend, managed some rental property, stayed on hold with my insurance company for 20 years, began sewing the girls Christmas outfits, and tomorrow I am helping at Britton’s 2nd grade Art project, and helping the husband with his work as well. I always hate it when people list everything they do in a day- as if we aren’t all busy. For strangely, it makes me feel oh so much better to throw it all out there.

K dress up (1 of 1)

K dress up2 (1 of 1)K dress up-foot (1 of 1)

Britton started speech therapy today with a fabulous therapist that lives just one block away. Britton will be annunciating “Rocky Rock ice cream” in a flash.  She is a hard worker and cute as a button. Worried that she would lose her Boston accent, I assured her that we would video tape it so we could always listen to her “Boston accent” as she affectionately calls her speech impediment.

Happy Hump Day.

Mom and girls - halloween (1 of 1)

halloween GECC (1 of 1)

Sorting out the Halloween candy and trading appropriately…. with their almost-a-brother Beau.

halloween beau girls (1 of 1)