Sewing Machine Off

I furiously sewed, threaded, cut, ironed and complete my girls Christmas outfits. This included two appliqued turtlenecks, one long twirls skirt, one pair of Bella pants, and one long tiered top.  Whew. I am beat.

But not to beat to start surfing the Internet for ideas for upcoming projects. This turkey project looks like a no-brainer.

Someone else is enjoying the stables…. she still have a few years to watch and learn before she will be on there herself.

Nana came over this week to spend some quality ‘girl time’ with Kenley while husband and I enjoyed date nigh— suprisingly the ‘Social Network’ movie was good.

10 tiny pink fingers….

Kenley’s latest yoga pose (that she learned at school) is the ‘Mermaid’. She asked me to try. Let’s just say, my child is much more flexible than me.

Bareback trail ride la femme style.  Great way to celebrate Veteran’s Day, 70 degrees, sun, wind, and no school. Oh, and NO job– week #2. Bliss.

Britton had a slumber party Lock in with her youth group Wednesday night. This is Britton after we picked
her up at 8:00 am Thursday from the lock in, and drove to a nearby plantation for 9:00 am family photos. She was less than thrilled to find out more photos would ensue upon arriving home.  Britton is the once who decided it was time for a new twist on her twirl skirt– longer. Perfectly paired with her riding style boots. Although she is quick to point out, that you don’t actually ride horses with these boats. (Those would be paddock boots.)


Kenley’s Christmas outfit can be worn together, or with her elf turtleneck and Christmas bella pants
After making umpteen pants, I stayed awake Wednesday night until 11:00 pm (following date night) to whip these out for the family pictures. Achieved my best time yet- 70 minutes for the bella pants from start to finish. This includes finished seams, ironing, elastic, ruffles, etc.  Love making good time on trips, schedules and now pants.

Britton did her first jump this week on this pony, Funyons.
She also lost her 4th tooth today. That Nanny McPhee tooth was ready to come out. Speaking of… I hope the tooth fairy has change for a $20 tonight, as Mr. Toothfairy is hunting in the woods…..