Us Lately… Again

Saturdays are for impromptu crafts.
Check out these wooden names that Pops made for the girls. They each got to design and paint their “names” which are proudly displayed in their rooms.

Day o play 003

And a little rearranging of furniture while Daddy is in the woods.  With the help of my professional cleaner and organizer- Kenley. Give that child a rag and some Windex and she can clean for 30 minutes straight. Throw in a vacuum and she is entertained for the afternoon.

Day o play 001

Sundays are for Sunday school and church.
In Mama made dresses with fresh picked flowers, of course.

Day o play 005Day o play 004

Sunday are for deer stands in the woods– with your little girls.
K wanted to “stay wid Mama” but glad she went once they saw a Buck, tracked it, and roasted marshmallows over a bonfire with Daddy’s and his friends/kids. She may turn into a Daddy’s Girl after all.


Day o play 007Day o play 006

Mondays are piano.
And  English homework- proper nouns.

Day o play 032Day o play 029

Day o play 027

Tuesdays are speech therapy and practice piano.
And math homework- algorithms.
And study for spelling dictation test- plus the “challenge” words for extra credit.
After our second round of flu shots.  Fun visit today at the pediatrician’s office. Oh, yea.

Day o play 012

Day o play 019Day o play 032

After being attacked by a dog yesterday, and held down for a shot in her thigh today- while screaming for her life, for all the children in the waiting room to hear, and looking at my like I have betrayed her beyond comprehension– this gal deserved a Coca Cola.

Day o play 009Day o play 008

And today is for being thankful for these little people.

Day o play 002