Allie Boone 2

She was even prettier today… and I’m not biased because she looks like my babies. Well, maybe a little.

This kids needs a steak with mashed potatoes. She is either sucking, rooting, or eating.  Yep, just like a hair bowl-cut tomboy child I once knew. I see a tight Wendy’s high chair in her future for sure.  Love it.

I think Mel is still in shock that Sara B had a baby.

And a sneeze…

Aunt Coco coming by to show some love before she heads to the State just yonder…

All in a days work… I may get in trouble for this picture, but it’s easier to ask for forgiveness, than for permission. And yes, that would be her epidural pump she is clutching in her left hand. I should create a bumper sticker that reads, Smart Girls Get the Epidural

Yes, that would be Sassy texting. The same Sassy that is always fussing at my to put my phone today. A crackberry, I believe, is what she calls it. Um humm..

Uncle Mike asked me why he didn’t make it on the blog yesterday. Here you go honey…  Documentation that you were there.