Allie Boone

9 months growing, 2 days waiting, 36 hours laboring, 105 minutes of pushing, and 8 lbs 8 ounces later… perfection.  Welcome Allison “Allie” Boone Jacobs. You are beautiful.

Earlier this morning SB thought she would have to go home, and wait for the baby to be born in “due time”. Luckily, her baby decided that today, December 21st, is a fine day to welcome the world.  She was born at 5:15 pm this afternoon- please note the clock in the background of this picture. Dr. Davenport is the best! Really.

This is what pure joy looks like.

I love watching a Daddy’s face see their baby for the very first time. The expression is worth a thousand words.

It was only fitting that she was born to none other than.. the Allman Brothers Band playing on Pandora.w

Uncle Daddy Matt was so excited to see that his baby girl has the same baby toe and he and his twin brother.

The grandmas were fantastic with their endless waiting, ice chip runs, and soft soothing cheerleading from the sidelines. And oh, to see that baby’s head full of hair was a wonderful sight.

Talk about a heavy weight.

When you are born at 8+ lbs, not only do you come out alert, but you are hungry.

My girls think of Allie Boone as their early Christmas present.

I absolutely love all that hair. I mean really, some men pay a lot of money to have hair that thick.

Little sister wasn’t quite sure what she now needed to do with her little baby… but guess what, none of us had a clue and we have somehow managed.

A proud father, grandfather and aunt….

and baby makes not one, not two, not three… but FIVE girls stemming from this here Sassy.

Allie Boone looking at her Mama for the first time.

Having seen my father leave this world, and now today, watching my niece being born- I feel so much Grace. The heartache and joyfullness is what this ride is all about.



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